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    SMSL SU-8s Review (Balanced Stereo DAC)

    I just picked one up on Amazon a few days ago during the shenzhenaudio 618 sale for $305. I was going to pick another one up for my other setup. I can get two of these for almost the price of 1. As with anything, the wait is the hardest, but have been a customer with them for many years...
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    Topping DX5 Review (DAC & HP Amp)

    I had / have both. I am returning the DX5 and keeping the EX5. It provided better support for my low impedence planar headphones than the DX5. I had more headroom for power on the EX5 than DX5. I am also returning the DX3Pro Plus (same amp as the DX5) for the same reason. I feel the EX5 is a...
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    Drop Dan Clark Audio Aeon Closed X

    I just received my Aeon X Closed from drop. Got them during the recent sale. I am using the Qudelix 5K as my DAC with it’s parametric eq for certain listening sessions. It only has 10 bands which filters would you suggest to use for sample 2? Any recommendations on 105 settings to try? Is the...
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    NCORE MP Build using Ghentaudio Kit.

    Has anyone built an a amplifier using the NC502MP boards? I am building a NC252MP kit for my 2 channel setup in my home office. I need to replace the Emotiva XPA-2 amp in my home theater due to the left channel emitting distortion and I took to long to send it back during warranty. Does not help...
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