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    what you think makes Audiosciencereview (ASR) great

    1. I can ask for more advice about more obscure stuff and get good information. @DonH56 @solderdude @Frank Dernie among others are founts of knowledge! 2. The measurements (duh!) 3. @amirm is good at responding to people when they ask him a question. A lot of times the head of the forum...
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    Naim ND555 immaculate build, but does it make a difference to sonics?

    I don't think the amp in the first pic has ever been tested. Would be interested in seeing it. I've used the Audio GD HE-1 and it sounds pretty fab to me.
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    Source computer's HUGE effect on fidelity

    So you're saying there's a chance?! :D
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    Review and Measurements of Emotiva XMC-1 Gen 2 Pre/Pro

    Well Amir tends to like his inaudible at "the sound of butterfly wings flapping". I'm talking more uh, down to earth :D FWIW, the XMC-1 has powerful room correction features with cheaper DACs lack. So have to take the features in to account. Personally though I've never cared for room correction...
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    Sounds like you have some electric issues. Emotiva has the CMX-2 which has DC-offset filtering which may or may not help. But as for large transformers hum.... I have two XPA-1 gen 2 amps which weigh 70 pounds a piece with a 1200 VA torroidal transformer each. No hum. Also nearly all the amps...
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    A Love Letter to the HD800

    I use it with several different sources, so if I wanted to do that I would need a separate equalizer. For me, considering the cost of the headphones,, they need to sound right without me having to spend more time tweaking them. Like with the higher priced 800S, I would be okay with spending more...
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    A Love Letter to the HD800

    Have you heard the 800s? What do you think of it?
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    A Love Letter to the HD800

    I am a big fan of the sennheiser line up. I use the HD700. My goal is the HD800 or the HD800S depending on which one I prefer. I haven't had a chance to hear them. Which do you prefer or can you describe the differences?
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    Utter audio noob somewhat disillusioned with the amp/dac market, looking for advice...

    I don't know what I'm talking about. But i use the Emotiva Bas-x A-100 with the jumper engaged with my 300 ohm Sennheiser HD600 and the 150 ohm HD700 and the thing sounds fantastic (subjectively, no DBT performed). A lot of bass extension, lots of lightning fast dynamics etc. The sensation of...
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    Objectivist Youtube Channels?

    About 3 billion hours are spent watching youtube every month. So I'm guessing a lot of people care ;) Video reviews don't have to be about pruning on camera. There's a lot of quality content out there. I could see a person talking about the measurement results, their meaning, the different...
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    I don't understand the obsession with DR meters

    I do very amateur one take recordings. They are stereo recordings from stereo microphones of a real space (usually a living room or garden). They are uncompressed with no dynamic compression applied. Result - nice full sound which is also very detailed with an appropriately sized soundstage...
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    Analysis Plus Oval Digital XLR Cable Review

    What causes differences in jitter for cables? How come one did better than the other?
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    KIMBER KABLE: Do High-end USB Cables Make A Difference?

    Even MORE no difference! So much no difference it makes the mind boggle!
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    KIMBER KABLE: Do High-end USB Cables Make A Difference?

    $60 is considered "high end" for a cable? Yeah that's a little bit higher, but somewhat tame imo. Check out Audioquest for outrageous pricing! Their Diamond USB is like $599.
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    Is Mcintosh current amp?

    I have listened to their flagship monoblocks and the mind boggles as to the prices. Though they sound fine, I have heard a few that sounds equally good (like the Emotiva XPA-1 gen 2) for instance.
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