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    Request for exact dimensions on Yamaha A-S301, ..501, ..701

    A-S301 - from volume knob, to the back of the unit (ignoring the connectors), i measure it at 36cm.
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    Preamp with DAC?

    One of the analogue inputs on the Pro-Ject is a dedicated phono input for connecting a turntable, and the other is just a standard analogue input.
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    Preamp with DAC?

    How about the Pro-Ject Pre-Box Ds2 Digital? Ticks all your boxes, i think?
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    Best software options for linux music streaming server that can also play local headless?

    Not sure if this will be any help at all, but if you did go for Plex server, you can cast from Plexamp clients to most other Plexamp endpoints - i think this works for desktop, Chromecast and airplay devices. Plexamp requires Plexpass, which i think is on sale now.
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    Alternative to Roon....

    You can do this with Plex, but only for Tidal. I also get 10% per month off the cost of my Tidal subscription. I'm sure Roon probably has more features, but after taking out their free trial it didn't offer enough over Plex to justify the cost.
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    All I need is an iPad, Amazon Basic RCA Cables and an my old AMP

    Yes, because your iPad supports the latest version of iOS. However, support is ending for this model, and once it stops getting new versions of iOS, app support will also start to fall away. It might be fine for those that only use Apple Music - i don't use it, but still have a login, and it...
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    All I need is an iPad, Amazon Basic RCA Cables and an my old AMP

    The only thing i would say is that older tablets/phones can become pretty unusable once they fall out of support. I have an iPad 4, which barely supports any new versions of apps. I had to jailbreak it to get a working version of Spotify, but i can't get Tidal installed, and i can't get any of...
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    NAD D3045 Review (Integrated Amplifier)

    The Powernode is a streaming amplifier, but the NAD has no network connection, so it can't do Airplay 2, Spotify Connect etc. I'm not sure the D3045 needs it though, as i think they would mostly either be connected to a TV (via HDMI) or used on a desktop connected to a PC, so you can stream...
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    Let's talk CD Players!

    How do you do that? I thought the d10s was USb input only?
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    Streamer Recommendation for Amazon 192/24 flac stuff

    I think the Echo Link digital output is limited to 16/48 unfortunately. The Xiaomi Mi Box has mini toslink and usb outputs, but they are fixed at 48khz (toslink) and 96khz (USB). I think others here have reported some success using an HDMI audio extractor (using coax out to a DAC) with the 4k...
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    Review: Apple vs Google USB-C Headphone Adapters

    Yeah, I purchased the Apple dongle from Amazon UK, and tried it with both my phone and PC connected to my speaker amp, and it was far too quiet to actually be usable. Sent it straight back. Not sure if it's an issue with the EU version.
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    ifi zen stream/pro ject s2 combo

    You mean connecting to the the Pre Box S2 Digital? Should work fine. I've have tried the USB input with Android and iOS devices and it works as expected.
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    Plex vs Roon

    The lastest Plexamp release looks interesting. Now has the ability to be remotely controlled, which opens up the possibility of a headless version for Raspberry Pi's: Plexamp v4.0
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    Whats your favorite Music App for Android?

    Plexamp for me. Was using it for my own Plex server library, but recently started a trial with Tidal, and the ability to add albums from Tidal to my library is an absolute game changer for me.
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    Alternative to Loxjie A30>

    How about the Sabaj A10a? Has the same MA12070 chip. Only has one analogue input, but the DAC in the SA300 is pretty poor. It also has an integrated power supply, which is a big plus. I tried both and i preferred the build/design of the Sabaj.
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