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    Kii THREE versus KII THREE/BXT

    yes I just saw that !! me who thought that there was only the English to do nothing like the others !!:facepalm:;)
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    Kii THREE versus KII THREE/BXT

    ASR is an international forum in which country do you find yourself?
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    Björk. HUNTER. At 1,50 MN I saw speakers giving big signs of tiredness. I always take it with me for external listening.
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    B&W 800 D3 vs KEF Blade. Let's discuss.

    If you are really ready for this amount in state of the art loudspeakers there is a lot of choice for the eyes and ears ...personally for this price I would go for kii with BXT or GENELEC 8361 with W371 after all depends on the size of the room and its design ...
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    B&W 800 D3 vs KEF Blade. Let's discuss.

    HERE are the only measurements I found of the 800D3 of what I saw there is nothing radical defect except the vertical ... in any case we are far from a speaker sota a 30,000 usd
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    New JBL 4349 Speakers

    It is still simpler and more powerful and especially less problematic for the integrity of the loudspeakers to add one or two subwoofers while respecting the work of the engineering jbl . without thinking that after this modification the speakers are not worth anything for resale.
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    New JBL 4349 Speakers

    nice compilation of subjective analyses guys! you don't talk about the interaction of the hp in your listening rooms ? what dimensions ? did you do some measurements before the amps waltz ? i'm very surprised that arc anthem doesn't give good results? and dubious about the luxman's contribution?
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    Poll: Best Looking Stereo Integrated Amp

    Anthem STR Integrated
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    Quotable Quotes

    """Blessed are the cracked ones, for they will let the light through"" Michel Audiard
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    Interview Library

    it's corrected :facepalm:
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    Interview Library

    YES I really liked this interview ! ;)
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    Interview Library

    John Siau ( Benchmark) THE ABSOLUTE SOUND| 06 novembre 2020 Paul Seydor
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    Speaker Max SPL Criteria?

    it is the most complete document and study in my possession but it is unfortunately in French :confused:
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    Impact of covid Hifi market

    At the beginning of the pandemic I thought that a lot of brands, small manufacturers would disappear. But I have several bells? the successive confinements would benefit the hifi market and some have never sold as much ... but other opinions are much more pessimistic? Which one and yours ...
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    Are "audiophiles" composed of more introverts than extroverts?

    To tell the truth, few people around me know my passion for audio and listening to music. If I told them, if they knew, I would be afraid that they would think I was going crazy!:) Moreover, I consider listening to music as something intimate, almost carnal ... so yes for me it is a completely...
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