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    Dutch & Dutch 8c Review

    I don't see any floor dips in any of the in-room measurements I've seen of any of these speakers. And you can lay acoustic absorbers on the floor... All of this theorizing about "which is better" based on technical details is mostly hot air about things that minor EQ adjustments could alter or...
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    Genelec 8351B vs Mesanovic RTM10 - AB Test Preparation

    check their websites - mesanovic recommend less than 8 feet listening distance, Genlec less than 7 feet, both want an equilateral triangle - these are both near to mid field studio monitors - not living room speakers but they may sound good in the living room!
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    Genelec 8351B vs Mesanovic RTM10 - AB Test Preparation

    But of course, active speakers have many more benefits - and Genelecs last for decades according to recording studios.
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    Genelec GLM software and the 7350A Subwoofer

    The GLM will do the trick with just one sub but only for a single listening spot. Moving from that spot will reveal nulls and peaks.
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    Mackie HR824 MK1 Studio Monitors: Factory Anechoic + In-Room Measurements

    I have hr624 mk ii. Compared to my genelec 8040s , as neutral, will play louder, less precise mids and image, but only slightly , for the money better.
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    I cannot trust the Harman speaker preference score

    Check the patent below. 1. Take a bunch of frequency response measurements, on and off-axis, of a speaker in an anechoic chamber (or with the Klippel which removes room effects). This creates the spinorama curves. 2. Have a listener panel rate listening quality after hearing the single speaker...
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    "Monkey Coffins" (box speakers) and Resonances...

    Modern boxes aren't boxy sounding. Yes, I agree they used to be, and that led to a big audible advantage for panels. The better newer systems have tamed boxiness caused by resonances and diffraction from the cabinets. Some have sculpted front panels to eliminate diffraction and use cabinet...
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    Can studio monitors be used as "bookshelf" speakers in a medium sized room?

    Studio monitors will nearly always sound better than bookshelf speakers, and won't require amps. Don't worry about "near field/mid field". It is true that monitors will sound best from the recommended distance (of importance to perfectionists and pros), but they will still sound better...
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    What makes speakers "disappear " and can it be measured?

    I don't hear it. When I turn time alignment on and off with my room correction software, I cannot reliably tell a difference. Yes, sometimes I THINK I do, but usually I don't which makes me think I really don't, or maybe with only a few recordings. Blind listening tests are also inconclusive on...
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    Genelec W371A + The Ones : My quest for the Grail is over

    The big ones are normally installed in the walls or soffit. The idea is to remove the wall behind them from the sound. The W371 does this via various sound cancellation techniques and ought to sound less colored than in-the-room big monitors.
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    What are we listening to right now..

    Imogen Heap - composer, singer, instrumentalist, performance hardware designer, producer, brilliant and visionary. Also about as much very low bass as you need to show off your system.
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    Genelec W371A + The Ones : My quest for the Grail is over

    Oops - maybe I was wrong about the single subwoofer - I'll have to look at the review again... Of course, Genelec will sell these to anyone (but you will have to get an appointment at a pro music dealer to hear them), but the studio market is where the money is for them now. There are a LOT of...
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    Genelec W371A + The Ones : My quest for the Grail is over

    For decades, Genelec has been for pros who feel the need for the highest level of accuracy and are willing to pay top dollar for it. Is there any reason to believe they really pay any attention to audiophiles or what they buy? They have largely ignored audiophiles (they do have a small line of...
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    Florida Audio Expo Announces 2022 Show Dates

    Maybe, but I am not interested in hearing from engineers of mediocre, same-old stuff products. However, it may be fun to hear what the artistic designers and marketing folks of these products have to say, as appearance and hype and salesmanship is where all the "value" is. As far as music goes...
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