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    KEF Reference 4C Review (Center Speaker)

    I think 3-way with custom waveguide (for both tweeter and mid) like modern version of ATC C6C may somehow compete with coax. Obvoiusly, no line array without WG can have decent DI.
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    KEF Reference 4C Review (Center Speaker)

    It would be interesting to dampen enclosure better and check CSD and subjective impressions again. With such low distortion from drivers, only non-suppressed resonances might affect SQ.
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    Sennheiser HD560S Review (Headphone)

    Bought these after reading review to compare with and possibly substitute Shure 1840. Very decent "control sound" even on youtube through laptop soundcard. Grey, dull and non-involving "as is", so I'd call it "strong all-rounder". Maybe extreme metal lacks some groove without bass boost, but...
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    Dynaudio 18s vs sub 6

    Do anyone have information regarding real clean LF output of 18S? I mean when comparing subwoofers, it's always useful to know measured data and there's no information for 18S. With my suspictions it's as good as JL E112 in the best case, but most probably slightly worse. So, I'd like to know...
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    new KEF KC62 dual 6.5" subwoofer

    If we compare 43 liters with 100 liters, why not to take Arendal 2V and finish the mockery?
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    Wilson Audio TuneTot Review (high-end bookshelf speaker)

    Because WA still not gone bankrupt, such tuning and design is widely acceptable for audiophiles. Even distortion profiling (2nd is dominating) is deliberate, i'd say. Because in 10K budget one can get distortion lower than this without troubles, just by ordering proper drivers and measuring...
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    Monitor Audio Silver 100 Review (Speaker)

    I assume that if they invest in a proper notch filter for woofer break-up, it would be much better speaker. And sometimes spring loaded bolts and thread sealant also helps. Otherwise it's just a good "industrial" engineering approach with some flaws due to financial restraints.
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    Hi end professional studio monitors vs hi end "hi-fi" speakers

    Because they can. High-end speakers with good amplification is a nice solution, but extremely expensive in terms "performance per dollar". Anyway, total acoustic responce in LP is usually corrected, so "brand sound" barely matters that much. One need to make room for placement instead of...
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    Revel Concerta C10 Review (center speaker)

    This speaker again relies on wall gain and it can't be evaluated correctly when measured in free field. Obviously it's a good example of speaker engineering, but applying metrics made for standard stereo speakers is just useless.
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    Focal Alpha 65 EVO Review (Studio Monitor)

    Looks like some weird crap is going on within HF amp section. Something is generating high order harmonics with constant absolute level, so they are relatively small with higher signal. Tweeter itself most probably working well, as most drivers start from 2nd harmonic, as woofer on these...
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    KEF T301C Review (Ultra-thin Speaker)

    In my opinion, such (=on-wall) speakers must be measured and evaluated with their intended placement. Wall gain must make sound more balanced and less bright. Otherwise no design team would accept this model at all. At least their whitepaper shows us this: Resonances are just result of price...
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    Speaker designs using Purifi drivers

    To get decent off-axis responce or to still have very low distortion?
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    Speaker designs using Purifi drivers

    Floorstanding design allowed to make proper vertical port? I'd like to see impedance graph or at least know impedance minimum. Pair of such powerful motors might malke this "easy load" not so easy ...
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    Harman Kardon Omni Adapt+ Review (Streamer)

    I'd use some powerbank in case of such bad power supply included. Maybe with battery power and galvanic isolation there would be more clean combinations ...
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    Hegel H95 Review (Streaming Amplifier)

    Another example of bad equipment performance when distortion numbers claimed like that. It's very disappointing to have such performance for this price. Looks like design goal was "and now we need a streaming amplifier for 2K USD". PS And am I wrong or circuit board layout is strange with...
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