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    speaker seal compromised sound

    Most probably not "really obvious". I'd check all suspicious points with nearfield mic measurements. In real life with unknown real material distortions/noises must be really high to be obvious, especially if they are harmonics of main tones and not atonal whistles/buzz. But it's my...
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    Dynaudio Focus 60 XD - whats the next step up? suggestions?

    Multi-subwoofer setup with proper DRC and room treatment. It will cost a lot (including efforts), but correct bass when achieved it's like correct black and focus in movie.
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    Is it acceptable to run a subwoofer/subwoofers in an apartment building?

    In fact it heavily depends on construction of building, listening room, required SPL and local codes/regulations. I don't listen too loud, control SPL with noise meter, live in building from steel reinforced concrete and have no problems with neighbours and 2x15". For sure, if one does not...
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    Subwoofer dilemma

    If you already have AVR as a crossover/bass management, personally I see no reason to buy GLM subwoofer for "better integration" with fronts just because AVR is doing the bass management. GLM will handle DRC, but miniDSP can do it for existing sub too. Also, If you already have measurement mic...
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    Powering the subwoofer

    Class A/B (and especially A) in case of typical decent subwoofer means a lot of heat and heatsinks at least. Good active customer subwoofers have amps of ~ 1 KWt and I see no sane way of anything but class D for such powers. I've owned Halo A21 and I doubt that something equal to it in AB...
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    Subwoofer dilemma

    IMO that can be only checked "live". It would be more useful if you measure sub responce 18-150 Hz with better resolution with least smoothing possible and show waterfall and distortion... I see no reason for applying expensive GLM subwoofer for home cinema only, when this sub must handle...
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    Subwoofer dilemma

    IMO the most flexible and sophisticated MiniDSP solution with Dirac Live will be much cheaper than 7370. And I'm sure that in terms of subwoofer integration (Is it correct term - integration? In case of single sub for movies with dedicated LFE?) it will not be bad at all. I'd go fiddling...
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    Hold off your purchases?

    IMO if you want and can buy something without compromising other needs now - I'd not wait. I see no rational reasons for prices to go down but bankruptcy of retailers that will be accompanied with big sale. Everything in modern economy is underpriced if we look closer at money printed in all...
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    Wharfedale Elysian series

    IMO it's due to different marketing strategy. If you are from UK or nearby (BW>Quad>Wharfedale?) most probably they are relying on "historical background". Quad and Elysian must sound close, because they both are IAG brands and I suppose some engineering supervision is done by same people. Or...
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    Wharfedale Elysian series

    Only one review with some FR and HD ...
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    To upsample or not...

    I've faced some issues with SRC in case of KRK ERGO. There was audible difference when incoming SR was different from 96 KHz (I assume it's SR of inner DSP). So, I have applied SRC in software and preferred it. So, if your equipment have permanent DSP applied, then it might be beneficial to...
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    Can speaker's transient response be improved with a better amplifier?

    Yes, in principle some amplifiers can't work very well with transients at real load. But in your case I'd check if room correction was applied and maybe checked FR with microphone. Typical untreated room "muddiness" hides a lot of details and DRC clears it up. IMO cheap Denon AVR with...
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    How to set up 5.0.2 in audyssey with a bass shaker instead of sub?

    Most probably with speaker that you have mentioned will be no difference between "large" and "small with crossover at 50 Hz". You can just try different settings with and without shaker.
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    DIY AVR with PC?

    Unfortunately we can't predict how good it will work with all the DAC models available in the world. I agree that if you have similar stereo DACs with similar settings (if they have), then most probably they will be synchronized, especially in case of AES input. But I'd not call it universal...
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    Brand new Elac ddp-2 did not work for me!

    There is another possibility: it have 2 pairs of RCA, and one is fixed gain. Its analog out is 10V so it can easily overload analog inputs of many amplifiers. I'd check sound at variable RCA output starting from low volume settings because if it's the case, another unit will do the same. I had...
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