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    In-wall speakers upgrade recommendation

    I'd be happy to if he is willing to test them! I don't find any in-wall speaker review and measurements in the forum, hope it is possible to do at all. In-walls interact with the wall cavity behind them so direct measurement might not be valid. I'll message him to ask.
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    In-wall speakers upgrade recommendation

    Did the most extensive research possible with the very limited information on the web about these and ordered Revel W383 in-walls. My reasoning: - Crutchfield has a great speaker comparison feature where you can compare speakers by their sound signature by listening to sample tracks. I...
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    In-wall speakers upgrade recommendation

    I'm currently using Polk Audio RC85i in-wall speakers in my living room together with RC80i in-ceiling surround/height and 255c-RT center. I never liked how music sounds in my living room. Recently tried out Polk Audio TSi300 towers and even though they are cheap low-end they sounded much better...
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    Amazon HD sound quality?

    I've definitely noticed volume differences between streaming services when loudness normalization is turned off for all, usually ranked like this: Tidal > Amazon Music > Spotify, but definitely track-dependent. This might explain the impression of punchier bass. It's weird that Tidal even seems...
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    Little Bear MC202 2-Way Stereo Passive Audio Switch (Amplifier / Speaker)

    Do you know if it can be used to A/B test two amplifiers with 1 set of speakers? You say "Do not forget to power off your amplifier(s) before using this kind of selector !" - what can happen if the switch is used while both amplifiers are producing a signal? I know some older amplifiers are not...
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    March Audio P452 Purifi Based Stereo Power Amplifier

    While waiting for my P452 to be shipped, curious to confirm if my use case for powering on/off would work - I have a remote-controlled power outlet and given that P452 has a touch power switch would it work to turn it on and off by powering on and off the power outlet? In other words - if I...
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    RME ADI-2 FS Version 2 DAC and Headphone Amp Review

    Grabbed one at the current $919.20, a great price and unbeatable value for my home office desk setup with all the features this unit provides. I wish other manufacturers try to compete with that so we all win. Instead of getting the latest +N revision DAC chip that provides questionable...
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    RME ADI-2 FS Version 2 DAC and Headphone Amp Review

    RME ADI-2 DAC FS is discounted by 20% at $919.20 on Sweetwater and few other sites. Wonder if it could be a sign of a new version coming up soon or just a good time to purchase a great product.
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    Good open-back ~$200-ish headphone?

    I don't think it's possible without additional software in both Windows and MacOS. In MacOS even switching to output to 3-4 is something like 8 mouse clicks in Audio MIDI settings, very inconvenient. Switching to output 3-4 in Windows is easy though, should not be a major hassle. I believe...
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    Good open-back ~$200-ish headphone?

    Sennheiser HD58x is very good alternative to HD6xx - a bit cheaper, easier to drive at 150 ohms and can confirm Motu M2 drives it very well. When getting headphones to use with Motu M4, especially if you don't plan to buy a headphone amp too, make sure it can drive them properly - for example I...
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    Upgrade dilemma - would Topping D90 + A90 would be an improvement vs Motu M2 + Magni Heresy for headphones and studio monitors?

    Got a measurement microphone, measured, EQ'd and it made a significant improvement in audio quality even with the poor speakers I got! Described my experience in a post My first successful speaker and room correction using REW and MacOS system-wide EQ which includes a before/after EQ frequency...
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    My first successful speaker and room correction using REW and MacOS system-wide EQ

    Acknowledgement Thanks @3125b for the suggestion to use a measurement microphone for room correction EQ at my first noob question on the forum and everyone else's comments - without your advice I would have spent $1000+ on stuff without getting any actual improvement, where now I got a massive...
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    March Audio Amp Updates

    @March Audio - Impatiently waiting for your P452 release!
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    Nord Three SE 1ET400A MKII Dual Mono Stereo Amp or Nord Three 1ET400A Stereo Amplifier

    Nord Three 1ET400A ST description on the website says "using cut down Nord Rev C buffers with OPA1612 Op Amps (no discrete regulators)" at - does anyone knows what it means exactly and how it would be related to...
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    Revel M105 vs M106 -- how to interpret measurements?

    I'm also considering Revel M16, M105 or M106 but to be placed on my home office desk (with stands) at 3 ft distance from my ears with speakers 4 ft apart. Looks like everyone is buying them to fill a larger room with sound so I was wondering if any of their measurements would be relevant for my...
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