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    Eq-ing Concepts and Biquad Understanding

    Indeed, it's simpler to take measurements without EQ at first and see what the prediction in REW says before finally programming them into your speaker's DSP amp. If you have more time, try to look at EQ from multiple perspectives... not just a single-point MLP sweep or nearfield...
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    When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? by Billie Eilish: Insane bass

    Besides, personal music tastes, another likely factor could be the speaker (in-room) or headphone bass response -- and possible additional driver distortion -- rather than the album's engineered bass that's experienced as excessive.
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    Most smoothed frequency response ever? Ex Machina Quasar MKII

    From their website: CROSSOVERS 200hz Sub/Mid, digital 8th order, phase corrected 2khz Mid/Tweet, digital 8th order, phase corrected It kind of overall looks fine to me other than the unexpected nonlinearity in the bass -- how on earth did they come up with their DSP EQ in that bass driver...
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    Importance of impulse response

    BTW, I just want to make it clear that when it comes to the manipulated in-room phase response as seen in the bass region above (orange curve only -- was motivated to see if I could lower the GD even more with rePhase without too much pre-ringing), it doesn't necessarily produce "better"...
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    Importance of impulse response

    Some of this I expect the reader to figure out for themselves. I don’t feel it’s worth engaging further.
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    Importance of impulse response

    So what do you suggest? Play all channels (e.g. 2.0/5.1/7.1) without checking if the system works well together? Sub unequalized and mains unequalized; no checking time of flight and time alignment; no bass management etc? I haven't really learned anything interesting from any of your...
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    Importance of impulse response

    Okay, so we kind of already agree it's not enough to check the the default IR graph view alone. That's fine since there's a lot more information that can be gathered even just from a single in-room measurement. I made some re-adjustments to the crossover DSP EQ settings in my couch 5.1c setup...
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    Importance of impulse response

    Unreachable in the vast majority system setups, but it might be useful as a point of comparison. Attachment wave file IR below is created with rePhase which anyone can import into REW. *centering does not make a significant difference, but it helps keep the file size smaller with the number of...
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    Importance of impulse response

    You may be right for the most part — and it can be faster or often be convenient — but I reckon there are potentially some things you might not notice or miss.
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    Group Delay 101

    I would think that in a mixing and mastering studio setting the concept is not entirely disregarded. It surely is one of the parameters an acoustician might want to observe.
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    Importance of impulse response

    Since you mention “sound stage”… does this mean you listen in stereo as well to evaluate speaker performance? I ask because there are those who only do mono listening test evaluations for a variety of reasons.
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    Kali IN-UNF - new ultra nearfield speakers

    I would have liked a grill to protect the satellite drivers, and maye the ability to thread the bottom of each sphere unto a 3rd party short mic stand if desired. I can imagine using this on a very tight office space desk.
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    Group Delay 101

    My experience with the latter is you can reduce GD and improve the phase but there are limits. Try to correct too much and you can cause other anomalies such as pre-ringing. ... Suppose we flattened only the visible excess phase of this speaker "perfectly": With a filter tailor-made from a...
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    Is the slope too much for this room.

    My guess is the measurement presented is no good. You might want to recheck or recount step by step your methodology.
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    Help interpreting phase/SPL correlation

    Not sure about the "best way" as there are many ways to go about it. A convenient way is to apply automatic time offsets to both individual left and right measurements prior summing/vector averaging. In the All SPL tab view: In most cases, this will align all selected measurements very...
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