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    RME ADI-2 DAC PCB version differences

    If every audio device with a jumper like this had to be replaced, I'd venture that probably the majority of HT pre/pros and receivers would have to go back. As long as it was QAed and tested and measures well, it wouldn't bother me personally.
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    Upsampling - integer vs non-integer ratios - original samples

    Algebraically, yes. In a practical implementation, there are no ideal sinc filters. If you're willing to throw a lot of resources at it, you can approximate the ideal.
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    Upsampling - integer vs non-integer ratios - original samples

    You do use all of the original samples to make the prediction in a non-integer upsampler. The simplest way to understand a non-integer upsampler is to think about it as two steps: an integer upsample and then a decimation. The first part (integer upsample) can use the same math. Let's say you...
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    Upsampling - integer vs non-integer ratios - original samples

    Think about it this way... at 44.1kHz, the first sample is at zero seconds of the recording, the second sample is at 22.68us into the recording, and the third sample is at 45.35us into the recording. At 96khz (non-integer upsample), the samples are at the following times into the recording: 0...
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    Upsampling - integer vs non-integer ratios - original samples

    I don't have time to watch the video, but you don't keep the original samples in either case, given a fullrange signal, for any practical digital filter. What is true is that upsampling by integer ratios involves way less math. To upsample by 2x for example, you just insert zeros between each...
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    Topping U90 (USB DDC) and HS-01 (USB filter)

    Is the U90 a two channel or four channel device? It has 2x AES, coax and optical outs; are they just copies of each other?
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    LFE in a stereo downmix

    I wish mixes consistently followed that principle....
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    Vanity Pro HDMI Audio Extractor

    The problem is that my TV only allows one delay to be set. So I can set a delay for the external audio system on the TV and that works when I'm running my rig, but when my wife then listens to the TV through the built-in TV speakers, the audio is all wrong.
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    "the only headphone amplifier with a soul"

    The one that always trips me up is the Indian 2,2,3 convention for digit grouping: 10,00,000 = one million.
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    Vanity Pro HDMI Audio Extractor

    This would be an absolute dream device for me, except that it doesn't seem to have the one feature that I really want: adjustable delay (for lipsyncing adjustment). It seems like such an easy feature they could add though, since they rebuffer everything....
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    Denon DA-500 Vintage R2R DAC Review

    There's a lot of active research work being done on applying deep learning to DSP. I haven't been following it closely enough to be able to comment on whether anyone's improved meaningfully on conventional low-pass filter design, but one very recent paper I can recommend showing how good deep...
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    Review and Measurements of Schiit Yggdrasil V2 DAC

    That's from the new "More is Less" Yggdrasil.
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    Apple Music Lossless + Apple TV 4K + Airplay + Airport Express (version 1)

    I haven't tested macOS, but since it doesn't have automatic sample rate switching, you're unlikely to get bitperfect output via USB for multiple sample rates unless you use third-party software like "Bitperfect", which replaces iTunes' playback engine. I'm not sure if it still works with recent...
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    MOTU UltraLite-mk5 Review (Audio Interface)

    I definitely agree! Having on-device delay is so useful and avoids having to round-trip to the host. I wish the RME ADI-2 also had a delay option. There used to be standalone S/PDIF-in / S/PDIF-out boxes you could buy that allowed you to dial in a specific amount of delay, aimed mostly at...
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    Apple Music Lossless + Apple TV 4K + Airplay + Airport Express (version 1)

    That's a great chart, but I think the first line of that chart should be "system dependant", rather than "no". It wasn't working right for the Audiophilestyle guy in his rig, but at least two people have confirmed that it is bit-perfect with a direct USB connection to an RME device. My guess is...
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