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    Audiophilia and its discontents

    "listening to dummy loads"? The sound of power resistors frying & popping open? I 'spoze. I did that once or twice. Ouch!
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    $55000 Nordost cables for $60.

    They'll find true believer followers who will buy the cables and then listen through them while enjoying a glass of Kool Aid.
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    What a big vacuum tube! Single Ended Mono Block Power Amplifier

    Agree. Anode voltages used in any audio tube amp are way too low to cause x-ray emission.
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    Is this why some pay thousands for snake oil

    It may not be accurate, but it has Big Tone, and that's what matters.
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    Is this why some pay thousands for snake oil

    Amen! I agree wholeheartedly.
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    $55000 Nordost cables for $60.

    Equipment capability and cost do not always correlate, i.e. it's possible for a cheaper item to either outperform or at least equal the performance of a more expensive one. This is especially true when prices are stratospheric for what you get. Cables and other accessories are an example of this...
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    Extreme Snake Oil

    ...and gathered leather seats!
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    Why do records sound so much better than digital?

    I think that the fiddly nature of vinyl is what makes it attractive. Arms, carts, preamps etc. can be endlessly changed around. With digital, well, it's a shiny object.
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    Audioquest GO-4 Speaker Cable Review

    High end audio (The High End) keeps trying to solve problems that were solved a long time ago. The foot race is over. You've crossed the finish line. Stop running.
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    From Atmasphere - how to properly (and neatly) wire a vacuum tube amplifier...

    Big reason is that women get paid less than men for the same work. That's what's driving it.
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    $55000 Nordost cables for $60.

    ...or your hearing is not good enough.
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    New McIntosh Turntable

    What is "sporty" about an oversized SUV?
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    Time between posts

    I have noticed the time limitation, too.
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    Effect of Cannabis use on hearing

    How would you smoke a food without using smoke, or a flavoring derived from smoke? What else produces that taste & smell sensation?
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    Speaker cable indication.

    Of course, if you enjoy fooling yourself that a particular loom (all the cables & cords in your system) sounds best, then enjoy, I guess.
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