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    Who loves a good coney dog?

    BTW. my sister is the chief OSHA officer for Butterball/Eckrich. Stick with the Viennas. ;)
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    VTV Purifi EVAL1 teardown and rebuild

    A shame the case isn't big enough to rotate the PS another 90 degrees and put the heat sink against the left side of the amp. Even shorter power lead, better for routing the ribbon control signal cables and a direct path for the LED wire as well. Nice improvements Rick.
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    Who loves a good coney dog?

    Vienna's on a toasted bun with home made dill relish, a good mustard and vidalias chopped small - preferably over a fire pit. Michigan boy here too and have enjoyed many of the variations you folks in the SE part of paradise call a coney. Honorable mention to Yesterdog in Grand Rapids for the...
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    FS: MSB MVC-1 Eight Channel Volume Control

    Lots of recent talk about multichannel DACs and volume control so I thought I'd give this a bump. Never put it up for sale anywhere else so hoping to get rid of it here. :p
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    Multichannel DAC lobby!

    The recent review of the Motu Ultralite MK5 shows it to be a good contender for XO use and at half the price of the Okto. Pro audio has many solutions but lack some of the features home audio often desires - like a remote!
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    8-channel volume control

    I used the miniDSP 2x8 (4x10) for 8 years doing XO duty. In that time I had one board fail which I replaced but on both boards I had a glitch that whenever I changed configurations I would get loud distorted static going through all channels. I learned to live with it and work around it but was...
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    8-channel volume control

    I feel your pain @goldistan. I had a MiniDSP 2x8 (with upgrades - so a 4x10) and absolutely hated the lack of decent volume control. I purchased an add on board called the Waveflex which a guy in France briefly marketed toward MiniDSP products but it was buggy as well and skipped volume...
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    MOTU UltraLite-mk5 Review (Audio Interface)

    I believe you are right! If I hadn't gotten my Okto I would have been all over this for my set up.
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    MOTU UltraLite Mk5, New Audio Interface Generation With New Drivers, USB-C & More

    If your intention is to use this as a multichannel DAC with a computer front end then you probably want to do all your routing and DSP on the computer. Earlier in this thread there were comparisons with the onboard EQ and other DSP functions that were more limiting than previous hardware but...
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    Music to Cry For

    Hokey Sting but pretty much any song that addresses social injustice in a substantiative way....
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    High end Vintage SS amp vs the best Class D amps

    I thought it was a dildo....
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    High end Vintage SS amp vs the best Class D amps

    Like @AdamG247 I've moved to good class D amps for heat reasons as well and I live in N MI where winter is a thing for a good 7 months but I sit about 2 feet away from the gear. I was using a stack of 3 NAD 2200s in BTL which Amir measured here on ASR and were found to be quite good for...
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    Yes, I've used a miniDSP 4x10HD in the past - good stuff but somewhat limiting on the types of filters and slopes offered. Completely adequate for most needs.
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    Trivial with an active XO already in place and I can A/B it with a single mouse click in real time and it's just a common LR4 filter. I can't really hear any difference but I'm not pushing any unnecessary power to the tweets so - win. I also have a steep HP filter at 27Hz because I have a room...
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