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    All Aboard the FiiO K9 Pro Hype Train

    I'll wait until Amir measures. In that price range there are a ton of terrific options.
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    SEAS KingRo4y MK3 Kit

    I am not debating the subsequent iteration's superiority, simply stating what I heard in the Madisound room at GABF years ago. And you are talking about the acoustics of a hotel room. I am a big fan of SEAS drivers, and have a wonderful two-way monitor with some of their older drivers. All...
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    SEAS KingRo4y MK3 Kit

    I heard an earlier version at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest maybe five or six years ago. It was a good sounding speaker, but I was not blown away.
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    Emotiva XMC-2 Review (AV Processor)

    3 grand for crap. Nuff said.
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    Audioengine B-Fi Review (Streamer)

    I'll keep my Tinker Board and Volumio, thank you.
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    $575,000 (Spare Arm Tube Included)

    I bought two, as I wanted one for a backup, though for $900,000 I was thinking instead of just hiring bands to come and play in my house.
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    All Aboard the FiiO K9 Pro Hype Train

    WolfX measurements of the early production/pre production unit do not bode well. For 800 clams it has to do better.
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    Vintage vs New Turntable?

    How much do you want to spend? Look at Orbit, and you can get a TT with a phono stage built in.
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    CD vs hi-res

    Try blind testing different beers and see what you believe changes.
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    CD vs hi-res

    I have a limited number of hi-rez tracks. I believe they sound superior, but I also believe they were better recorded/engineered. They are not mainstream artists.
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    Revel W990 Review (in-wall speaker)

    Certainly is not true in your case, and a few others. I should have been more clear in terms of generalizing.
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    Revel W990 Review (in-wall speaker)

    Thank you for testing these in-wall units. The results are surely interesting. I wonder: If someone is purchasing in-wall speakers, are they really expecting or even caring about flat frequency response, or sound comparable to traditional speakers? I doubt it. I think they are first and...
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    Which DAC measurements do you like to see next?

    How about the Cambridge Audio Dac Magic 200. Lots of features, $499, balanced out, just no remote.
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    Introducing Directiva - An ASR open source platform speaker project

    I am going to build this Nelson Pass designed DIY x-over. It may be worth a try on this speaker.
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