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    Devialet Phantoms - a revolution is coming Feb 2nd apparently

    I can think of one or two speakers (one made in the UK until recently) where they could barely service them after warranty or a revised version came along. Here's me complaining a few years back that a mid 70's Spendor bass driver couldn't be repaired at the time (may be possible now as some...
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    $9 Headphone Review: Sony MDR-ZX110

    So far, the UK price is £12 plus postage to £20 or so depending on colour...
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    'Passive Preamp' Recommendation? - with remote and balance control

    S'cuse me for butting in, but the LDR preamps I've seen are so complex on the power supplies to power the things to work in as linear a way as possible, it kind-of makes a joke of the entire 'passive' concept, especially when a 10k plastic Omeg pot (couple of quid each) can 'sound' so...
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    ATC speakers / Monitors

    The 50 bass unit will bottom out in high level monitoring (their electronics designer once referred to a song 'Pearl's a singer' of the time where the 'P' could cause issue played flat out into 50A's. I don't believe it's possible to hear the Neumanns or larger Genelecs and so on in a dem...
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    Technics SL-Q202 cart recommendation

    We sold more SL7's (sometimes the cartridge gave a slightly 'strident' sound into our them systems but clarity was superb) but my memories of the SL10 are incredibly positive and the thing was very solidly made as I remember :) I was more a 'tune dem' person than a '[email protected] factor' type (perhaps...
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    Technics SL-Q202 cart recommendation

    Oh crap, this was forty years ago and hopefully 'we' can learn from youthful attitudes? Surely many of you have been into high end 'salons' where the attitude of the staff is a bit condescending and, well, 'snooty.' ;) (we were adopted by a cat we nicknamed 'Snooty-Paws' as he was definitely the...
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    XTZ EDGE A2-300 Review (amplifier)

    You know, I don't think this amp measures any worse than a significantly far more expensive Naim amp confection and that's current models tested to have up to 20dB better distortion than the old 'CB case' models I used to sell in the 80's - I'm using fairly recent Stereophile measurements and...
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    Technics SL-Q202 cart recommendation

    Probably old news now, but the 540 does seem to be amongst the best mid price MM types out there (I'm a fan of the Ortofon 2M Bronze as well, but not sure it's as 'kind' sonically to a variety of pressings, but I'm not in a position now to directly compare them). As for offset and overhang...
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    Dan D’Agostino on measurements

    I bet your feelings against the Benchmark would have cleared had you heard two in bridged form? I think 'we' know what to measure, but some of the most successful designs jiggle the distortion, drive and clipping parameters to give the best possible results into real loudspeaker loads using a...
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    Elac Uni-Fi 2.0 Review (bookshelf speaker)

    I'm hoping/suspecting it's a fault and not a design issue (the slightly offset tweeter reported earlier may well be a factor in this review). A similar tale possibly... Decades back, there was a popular Tangent 2cu size speaker (RS4) with a deliberate 'batman shape' response if memory serves...
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    Tannoy Westminster Royal

    I've only heard them once and to me they sound as they look. The hollow mids as described above dominating and the Tannoy-usual rough highs being well suppressed as mid-bass and lower mids dominated in that room. On the other hand, I've always been interested to hear what the now elderly...
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    What speaker/ monitor gave you the most "I never heard that before" moments?

    Sometimes, frequency response alone isn't all the story (he says before running for cover ;) ) Rather than being blown away by the gear in later years, I've just got a short list of memories of systems which allowed me to relax into the music better (maybe not the same thing as 'loads of extra...
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    Amplifier suggestions for atc scm 19v2

    Naim falls flat on its hard-toned backside even sniffing at ATC 19's and the previous 20's. The 19's are a mid forward speaker (the cheaper and slightly more conventional 11's don't seem to be) and a Naim will hard clip audibly at not too high volume levels in my experience into this particular...
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    Uncoloured phono cartridges

    I think the losses in vinyl replay often benefit from a little hf boost if it's a good diamond that doesn't emphasise surface noise overmuch but so many people are used to a suckout in the lower to mid kHz region. Carry on with the Lowbeats review of this AT family and follow through to the...
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    Why not review some Hegel amps?

    I wonder if Mike Creek designed that? Some of these new designs are incredibly 'busy' to me.
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