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    Determining Speaker Toe-In

    From a subjective viewpoint, I'd suggest 'by ear' for many models with unknown dispersion characteristics. Some nice speaker manfacturers do make suggestions for the best listening axis, for example from memory, my three way ATC's of old used the midrange driver axis and mid-tweeter drivers set...
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    Audiofools turned objectivists or vice-versa?

    It took decades in and around the industry for me to fully realise, but I now feel that ALL our senses are involved in subjectivist audio and our ears are arguably the least of it! Sighted tactile dems - being able to see and touch the gear - allows all manner of differences to come through, but...
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    About to take the plunge and looking for last minute Valve amp suggestions.

    We all go through it at some time or other and for various reasons and with careful choices, much fun can be had.. I suppose I should say that such amps if well chosen can be the fun side of the hobby - a bit like the better vintage cars out there... Apologies for going at valve amps like a...
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    About to take the plunge and looking for last minute Valve amp suggestions.

    Primaluna amps have very high output impedance which acts as a graphic equaliser into typical speaker loads. Having owned and used Epos ES14's extensively with valve amps in th epast (once owning Tube Technology Genesis mono amps which thrashed mercilessly a quad of EL34's to 100W each for under...
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    A dose of realism - sometimes you can actually hear

    Too many experiences that way and I admit my ears are most definitely NOT what I once claimed them to be ;) - no wonder I get riled by the 'Only trust your ears' brigade - yeah right :D
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    Harbeth Monitor 30 Speaker Review

    Below, two plots lifted a while ago. First the original SLS5/9 donor model - Below, a lifted Graham LS5/9 plot from a HiFi World review - as I've said before, the M30 as Amir tested was designed as a refined replacement for the above LS5/9 model, the tweeter of which could sound a bit...
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    Harbeth Monitor 30 Speaker Review

    Not for me to be a mouthpiece, but have you seen the prices of Harbeth's spiritual competition? Rogers (re-launched and getting in on their legacy), Graham and Spendor since the re-financing a few years back in recent times were substantially more expensive and arguably not as good (subjective...
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    Harbeth Monitor 30 Speaker Review

    The Radial cone gives very natural mids and isn't as 'flexible' as poly cones are. Have you heard the XD models - very different perceived balance and same cone... I'd say he needs a tweeter re-think myself ;)
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    Harbeth Monitor 30 Speaker Review

    HiFi Choice tested many samples of NS1000 and the originals had a smoothly rising response to 1kHz or so and then a very gentle drop into the tweeter. It would appear that as th edecades went on, the response flattened (controls at 'flat') a touch and in any case, backing off the mid control a...
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    Harbeth Monitor 30 Speaker Review

    To Willem - Not sure the Klippel references went down well though and I post with link I made wasn't published ;) By Alans admission, Harbeths of old were definitely warm and 'safe' toned (the M30 original as measured here was a special case in this version as explained much earlier in this...
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    Just bought a '83 HK PM660

    Late to the party, but those HK amps - the ones that found their way to the UK, were very well liked and the 650 model had masses of current available for its output. Got to say that when I saw the amp it was initially compared to, I'd have blamed the OP being more used to a coloured 'creamy'...
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    Quality differences DACs

    Can't the DV7001 play CD's too? Looking at pics of this player, it does have digital outputs, so if these are well enough behaved (should be these days), you could experiment with one of the best tested inexpensive dacs from Schiit or Topping amongst others to see if there's any difference at...
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    Marketing vs reality

    I just opened up the pic and nearly had a heart attack. I had to 'service' one of those 'record players' not long ago..................
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    Topping E30 DAC Review

    Just butting in a bit - I used the CD840 both as a machine and as a transport, admittedly back in the day and found it to work just fine from its digital output. Dac back then (showing its and my age now) was a Deltec PDM1mk2, the Philips player having what I initially thought was 'Bitstream...
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    are you disappointed of some of your old favorite songs that sound like crap on you new hi fi equipment?

    I think the predilection here for absolutely ruthless professional monitors IS going to mean that bad recordings are reproduced and maybe even magnified by these monitors which after all, are only doing their job, putting faults under the microscope for the engineer to fix or mix out. Domestic...
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