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    Advice wanted: Taking over an HiFi Store

    Not me. 6 pages of good natured advice… makes me think things are gonna be alright. Not for traditional hifi shops, but things.
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    Speaker Suggestions For Nearfield Listening That Sound Exciting

    Like others have said just get monitors… …. And a subwoofer with the bass EQed up a bit.
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    Advice wanted: Taking over an HiFi Store

    I think there’s always room in the world for a business that has a unique and compelling vision. Before consideration of buying the shop, you need a really clear perspective of your vision for the business, the products and services it will offer, what differentiates it, and how it will make...
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    Show us your home theatre setup

    Is that 8 subwoofers? :p
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    A reasonable (AB class) replacement for Yamaha A-S801 integrated amp

    That’s quite the messy path to sort that out, but I’m glad it eventually got sorted! I would only suggest adding a measurement mic to your setup so you can put measurements to what you are hearing and correlate what you see in the measurements to what you prefer. Especially if adjusting EQ...
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    Genelec 8010 vs 8020 for desktop near field lower volume use

    I think either one (8010 or 8020) requires a sub to sound complete. Your decision should come down to SPL requirements, and should expect that neither will sound full bodied on their own.
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    Genelec 8030C Studio Monitor Review

    1. If you’re listening for enjoyment, I would get the 8030C. Either one will be extremely accurate in a near field setup, so the extra bass response and output definitely gives 8030C the advantage. 2. Driver size should be dictated by output requirements which relates to both to size of room...
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    Desktop Speakers ~$2000 (Active & Silent)

    KH80 is inaudible at 80cm. Not sure if it’s different from KH120 as KH80 is a DSP speaker. KH150 would be worth looking at too
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    Merit in measuring @ 1 watt (first watt performance)?

    Is there evidence that measuring at 1W would reveal something that 5W does not? Most importantly, are there situations an amp would measure well at 5W but not at 1W?
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    Review and Measurements of SONOS Amp

    I also agree with this too... tackling power cords and voice control does seem a bit like nitpicking that misses the gestalt of an excellent product.
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    Kef R3 + SVS 3000 Micro - digital crossover (at what frequency?)

    Start with the measurements of the R3 speakers only and look at the major in-room deviations in bass response. If you have a major suck-out or peak at say 70Hz, you might want the sub working there. If you actually have smooth response down to 60Hz, then you know you could safely crossover at...
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    Review and Measurements of SONOS Amp

    If you were buying this to plug in a turntable as Sonos shows in their own marketing as the lead scenario, it might not be an ideal choice. In fact it's probably a poor choice if you're not even using it with a television which is where this amp really shines in its simplicity. I have two myself...
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    Newbie Subwoofer Questions

    Yes, the high level inputs are one way. Many preamps also have a man additional volume controlled pre-out that is suitable for the sun’s low level inputs. Either way, volume is meant to be controlled by your preamp/amp and not from the subwoofer. Volume on the sub is only adjusted for initially...
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    Topping SR2 Aluminum Rack

    Assuming good build quality, that doesn't seem expensive at all. Just what things cost these days.
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