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    Loudness compression, loudness wars.. What exactly it is and why is it happening?

    The problem with vinyl data is that it is most likely garbage. Unless you have confirmation that vinyl has a more dynamic master, assume it is the same master as digital, with some extra processing to put it on vinyl. Consider this example: CD:
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    RME ADI-2 FS Version 2 DAC and Headphone Amp Review

    Neither does Benchmark because it makes no sense:
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    SMSL M500 Teardown & ESS ES9038Pro DAC Thermal Analysis

    I could not help but imagine @MC_RME reading this and smiling over all the nonsense they do not have to deal with, thanks to using AKM DACs.
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    What is the point of upsampling?

    Not quite upsampling, but a very related question regarding this: All serious DACs oversample to allow for an easier reconstruction filter. Yet when we look at the DAC reviews, we see all the filtering work still happening around half of the source sample rate. Why? Does the oversampling require...
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    Dynamic driver vs Planar magnetic

    Planar magnetic drivers tend to have lower distortion below 100 Hz compared to dynamic drivers. That being said, good dynamic drivers can still perform well there.
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    Review and Measurements of xDuoo TA-10 Tube DAC & HP Amp

    Good headphones have distortion products between -40 and -60 dB, depending on SPL and frequency. DAC and amp distortion are mostly academic for headphone use.
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    Review and Measurements of Sabaj D5 DAC & Amp

    Are there 50 mV measurements for the headphone out?
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    Thimeo Perfect Declipper

    My point was not that processed does not sound better than the original. The original pretty much sounds like garbage and given its simple straight clipping, you can expect a very good result with Stereotool default settings. The Stereotool result here will sound better for sure. My point was...
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    Thimeo Perfect Declipper

    This is B.Y.O.B. with default Declipper and Natural Dynamics, -7.7 dB gain, -13.7 dB RMS and "DR12": Almost no peaks go above -3 dBFS, so it is as much "DR12" as some 80s master with one freak peak and everything else at -5 dBFS is "DR15". To me the result here is more DR9 than DR12. DR9 can...
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    Thimeo Perfect Declipper

    It is very easy to get high DR numbers with little audible differences, depending on the settings. DR after declipping tends to be as reliable as a random vinyl rip.
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    Measurements of RME ADI-2 DAC and Headphone Amp

    SBAF is useless except for their headphone measurements.
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    Confusion regarding JDS Labs Atom power vs THX AAA 789 power

    If you connect headphones via a 3-wire cable, the shared ground wire will increase crosstalk, especially if the headphone impedance is low. With a 4-wire cable, the cable will not influence crosstalk at all. The "advantage" of a balanced connection is that it requires 4 wires, guaranteeing the...
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    Confusion regarding JDS Labs Atom power vs THX AAA 789 power

    You might want to ask RME, they spec -120 dB crosstalk for all outputs on the ADI-2 DAC.
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    Review and Measurements of Little Dot MK III Tube Headphone Amplifier

    Pretty much what I expected. If you are that good of an engineer, you either build SS gear for pros who appreciate excellence or you just do it for fun.
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