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    Why do records sound so much better than digital?

    and short, both for the songs and the album. Their high risk behaviour album is only 28 minutes, so no need to use much of the LP surface there, reducing the prospect of inner groove distortion (to be fair, I have it on vinyl but am not at home to check).
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    Cheap 4 channel DAC for playing around with CamillaDSP

    How cheap is cheap? There is the MINIDsp 2x4HD (with in-built DSP) and 4 channels, or this: Only 2 channels at 96kHz sampling but 6 or more channels at rates below that. Actually a new version...
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    Any good CD player/transport around?

    Whoa that looks good value and pro look to boot! Great job. I remember i had this cheapish Teac in the 90s that had a look between a pro and the top end teacs (you could cue and the big buttons lit up). I loved it and sometimes supplemented the turntables for the DJ nights. It was almost...
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    Is it worth it buying a miniDSP SHD with dirac if I don't have a sub?

    Plus, with DIRAC the full range phase correction will make your impulse & step responses look nice. For me, DIRAC does do a better perceived (and measured) room correction job than previous Lyngdorf RoomPerfect.
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    Come on Amir, where's your nuclear power station?

    Must be there old location though, in Santa Clarita CA.
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    Come on Amir, where's your nuclear power station?

    You should try and visit this place Amir, only in the next state. A Stereophile article about audio test lab in an old power station. No pictures of the inside though, or on the NWAA site either.
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    Cheap streamers that can do 24/192 ?

    As far as I know, there was a well reported firmware update to provide bit-perfect pass-through up to 24/192 for the digital output. Haven't got one myself, would have if it was released before the much more expensive iFi Zen Stream.
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    Cheap streamers that can do 24/192 ?

    Accept or pass-through unadulterated? Plenty can accept it on the input side. Wiim says it can output it "It supports up to 192kHz, 24-bit audio output that's the same as an artists recoding in the studio.The integrated TI stereo DAC provides the high quality analog audio output with the 106-dB...
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    Audio Technica AT-OC9XML

    It's strange and Amazon don't even pester me about it, I just happened across it. $699 via AT Australia (which I do have a V95E stylus coming from, to hack my Clearaudio Aurum Beta S Wood with).
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    Audio Technica AT-OC9XML

    I've got the lower cost AT OC9XEN coming. Will at least post an FR plot at some point. (FR only, still can't get the python script working). Only becaause there are a few very cheap from Amazon locally a.t.m. (A$299, cheaper than the bonded at $418 on Amazon Oz). They seem to have these from...
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    KLH Model 5 review and measurements by Erins Audio Corner

    I'm glad the Lintons were out first, which is what I have. What were his overall conclusions though?
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    Turntables, similar but different?

    Yeah I agree on all counts there. Of course I now regret selling off my two 1200s cheaply when my daughter came along and had to give up the spare room for her.
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    Turntables, similar but different?

    I am considering a direct drive to replace the fiddly-ness and constant worrying about speed stability with my 20 year old VPI scout. Also so that my daughter can use it me having to intervene. In my price range the choice is between a Technics SL-1500c, SL-1200GR, Music Hall Stealth DD and...
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    Mobile Fidelity Analog Vinyl Controversy

    It doesn't matter to me either, as long as the pressing is done well. I digitise after the phono stage anyway.
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    Increasing woofer damping in 3 way

    1) How about you try and model it in Virtuixcad. Setup a test project, change the enclosure for the woofer and use the impulse response tool to see if there are any changes in that domain that are significant. I imagine that the woofer impulse will change a bit but may not effect the timing of...
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