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    Female Vocals: Stunning Recordings You Love

    This is a Sinhala song. to me, its catchy and haunting in its beautiful simplicity.
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    Calling all Linkwitz LX 521.4 owners in Southern California (CA at large, too)...

    Yes frank I have been eyeing your new LM driver and new ASP.... would have picked those if I was aware of them when I built my system last December.. For now my system provides plenty of joy...
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    Calling all Linkwitz LX 521.4 owners in Southern California (CA at large, too)...

    I built an lx521.4 with asp.4 crossovers, purifi and mod86 amplifiers. They do need a lot of room but sound amazing. Highly recommend oplug, Frank or Madisound for getting your system going.
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    Large Heat Sinks For Class AB
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    Ending the Windows Audio Quality Debate

    The Amazon music HD app on PC isn't really using this mode even with its exclusive option. The sample rate that I see on my physical DAC is always fixed at what the shared mode window setting is. On the other hand Jriver directly changes the DAC sampling rate based on the track using its ASIO...
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    Using ASIO with Amazon HD ... a partial solution?

    JanesJr1 my experience doesn't seem to match what you described. I'm using a win7 computer if that might have something to do with it. I will check again. Thanks.
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    Using ASIO with Amazon HD ... a partial solution?

    I have tried everything and simply cannot get the native resolution and sample rate of the track from Amazon HD to play directly on my Topping D90. The DAC seems to be tied to the widows audio setting and the music stream seems to always get resampled by windows to that setting. Exclusive mode...
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    Linkwitz LX521.4 - new build and impressions

    I own LX521.4 driven with ASP.4 and 8CH Purifi. Never heard a better sounding stereo setup.
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    DIY Purifi Amp builds

    I updated regulators to hypex hxr on my nc500 eval buffer. Having spent the money, I wanted to be sure if it made any difference. I put on a familiar song late at night and listened intently. Voila! I heard differences! subtle background hums and tones which I noticed for the first time. You...
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    Announcing beta-test of PKHarmonic VST plugin

    Is this expected to work on Win7 x64? It crashes when I load the plugin into JriverMC27
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    FS: Danville Signals dspMusik 2/8 Audio DSP processor

    This has already been sold to a gentleman in The Netherlands
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    ASR Open Source Streamer Project

    Hi Amir, great idea. Question on #4. For supporting DSP crossovers of active speakers, will this behave similar to a standalone DSP unit (like miniDSP) ? Basically once the crossover is finalized and baked in, can the device just boot up and be ready to play music. I gave up on PC based...
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    Introducing Directiva - An ASR open source platform speaker project

    Was wavecor tweeter with waveguide considered?
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    Discrete OpAmp Review: Sonic Imagery vs Sparkos

    BTW I believe Bruno included his own discrete input buffer stage design in the NC400 modules. They measure great and to my ears sound subjectively fantastic.
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    Discrete OpAmp Review: Sonic Imagery vs Sparkos

    @JohnYang1997 is your discrete design showing up in any product? How about a GB for a mono buffer board for purifi amps. I know it's wishful thinking given your designs are likely owned by topping. But I felt there is no harm in checking with you.
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