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    End of the audio writers as we know :-)

    The amount of bullshit you can produce with this is staggering. I am never gonna write an email all by myself again. And I can simply drown all my workmates with the output of this thing. Hell I've already used it to "write" documentation. This will be my out of office notification for this...
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    "ESSentielle" DIY Floor Speakers with ESS Heil AMT3, based on MHP project.

    They are very pretty. Is there a reason for the high distance between the drivers? At least from tweeter to midrange I would have expected closer spacing between the two.
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    Cover me I'm going in! - Post your favorite song covers.

    Through the Fire and Flames - Tavern Version e: Damn I love Bardcore :D Holding Out for a Hero - Hildegard von Blingin’ & Whitney Avalon (Bardcore | Medieval Style)
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    DIY audio, where to get started?

    This is hardly expensive, at least in germany. Some carpenters even accept Google SketchUp files...
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    DIY audio, where to get started?

    Nowadays it's not a problem. There are plenty of carpenters who will precut everything for you via CNC. They can also do the holes. All that's left for you then is glueing them together + finish. Btw you do not want to cut MDF in a living space. The dust will get everywhere.
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    Dual Opposed Subwoofer Theory?

    In these regions the room takes over anyway. What makes you think any closed box speaker is gonna be better than any reflex tuned speaker? There is no perfection to be found there.
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    Dual Opposed Subwoofer Theory?

    You could just as well do them with passive membranes.
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    Dual Opposed Subwoofer Theory?

    Some drivers have vented pole pieces, I wonder what happens if you put them back to back.
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    Review and Measurements of NAD C 320BEE PWR Amplifier

    My C320BEE has been running since I got it and for a while I had it sitting sideways between my desk and a shelf (used it as power amplifier for the subwoofers) and it gets up two 100°F in here during summer. Still works.
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    (Europe) Master Deals Thread on Audio Product Sales

    KEF R3 for 1058€/pair Price directly from KEF: 1800€/pair -41%
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    What are we listening to right now..

    Wow that sounds amazing.
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    Windows 11 Help

    I'm very happy with Windows 11. That said, I modified it a lot, but that's no different from previous Windows versions. I use and
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    What are we listening to right now..

    New Rammstein video just came out
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