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    State-of-the-art audio interfaces

    If you get the RME Digiface, you can use any external DAC you like, given it has optical inputs.
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    Foobar or JRiver

    While I'm not into classical music that much - I collect vinyl rips. I have multiple rips of the same catalog number/year done with different turntables and equipment. Similar problem.
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    Talk me out of buying an "audiophile" preamp - confirm/deny some myths/assumptions

    The Rolex equivalent in the audio world would probably be Bryston. Build like a tank, lasts for a long time. Keeps its value. Company that offers service even for old models.
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    Does sample rate conversion affect sound quality?

    You're correct, any integer sample rate conversion should be more or less lossless. I think floating point conversions should also be undetectable if done with good enough quality settings. Sometimes you have to care about inter-sample overs, so decreasing gain slightly could be a good idea...
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    Cognitive bias regarding names/marketing of dac chips

    I think similar things apply when people are evaluating expensive speaker cables. If the cables are red, they give a nice midrange, if they are black the improve bass etc.
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    If costs wouldn`t matter , what would you buy ?

    - Custom built double bass array with Purify/nCore amplification - Acourate + standalone convoler using RME soundcards for DSP - Room treatment to achieve studio standards - KEF Reference 1 in rosewood - 2x Benchmark AHB2 - Quietest AC for the room that is available with active air replacement
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    Why has Audio (and maybe all hobbies) become so hostile?

    I'm not sure how much this applies to audiophiles, since it is not a mainstream movement anymore for a long time now, but I had to think of this article when I read the headline: On a personal note, audiofoolery is full of people claiming...
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    Power Supply for Topping E30

    Can this thing supply power to DACs and still charge at the same time? I.e. can I use this to 24/7 feed battery power to the DACs, without the need to recharge the power bank?
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    Seriously, does Heavy Metal ever sound better on better speakers?

    There's a remix out that comes in 5 different versions with ever increasing amounts of bass. I like version 3 the best:
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    Seriously, does Heavy Metal ever sound better on better speakers?

    Heavy Metal has a lot of energy in all of the frequency bands. Because of this, a proper Harman curve is very important. You can experiment with the so called BBC dip, which basically means a recession in frequency response somewhere around 3khz and it will be most noticeable with metal music...
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    KTB DAC - music stuttering and DPC Latency issues while using resource intensive applications

    Nvidia drivers had a known issue with DPC latency some years ago. Which driver version are you using? Have you tried updating to the latest?
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    small amp, relatively inexpensive It wasn't reviewed here, but it's bigger brother was and it seems TEAC know what they're doing. Contains the 50ASX2 module you wanted to use...
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    Rega Planar 3 - Turntable Setup

    In my opinion, a proper phono preamp not only needs to offer multiple types of gain, but also allow cartridge loading via selectable resistance and capacitance.
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    Sealed vs Ported vs Other-types...

    Oh wow. I didn't realize these are bass-reflex. I'm not sure how much THD and IMD matter with subwoofers. I tought we get less sensitive to these things and we go down the frequency band. But in technical principle, I...
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