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    Hegel H95 Review (Streaming Amplifier)

    Very good to know that hegel makes such disasters. I wonder how mamy other companies How about hypothesis, that they are "coloring" their gear in purpose. To sound different. Hegel type of sound ;) Maybe 90% of hi-end stuff is made like that.
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    Topping D90SE Review (Balanced DAC)

    I was afraid of such scenario, but have you tried latest d70s on double AK4497?
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    What is a nice tea to drink?

    In Canada I found here:
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    What is a nice tea to drink?

    The best is Golden Yunnan but it's quality varies depending on the source...
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    Should hard drugs be decriminalized and then supply pharmaceutical grade drugs to users.

    Talk about sugar, that is legal drug that shortens human life the most, added to everything
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    Feliks Audio Arioso amplifier, or: Stereophile slides into irrelevance

    What have you done, you should have bought class D low distortion amp. Shame on you. ;) BTW. A also love my 845 SET since with my speakers it just plays at concert levels, no need for more power.
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    NOS Burr-Brown PCM56 DAC with Tubes!!!

    2x PCM56 were used in denons: dcd-210, dcd-460, dcd-520, dcd-620, dcd-810, dcd-830, dcd-910, dcd-1130, dcd-1400, dcd-1500 mk2, dcd-1600, dcd-1700, dcd-3300
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    NOS Burr-Brown PCM56 DAC with Tubes!!!

    actually a checked that it has 2x PCM61P (I remembered that sth lower than PCM63), it's denon DCD-895
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    Topping Pre90 Review (preamplifier)

    Sb. on ASR forum replaced benchmark LA4 preamp for Pre90 (for his AHB2) because he did not heard any difference... But aside from that, for me there is 1 important conclusion. There should be matched amplifier of highest quality from topping to match Pre90 potential. I know, I repeat myself and...
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    Topping Pre90 Review (preamplifier)

    Sometimes brand X amp works best with dedicatade brand X preamp. I checked CODA 07x preamp has max output of 10V, Pre90 has max. output of 50V pp so it is a real "beast" among preamps, maybe that is mismatch with input specs of your amp.
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    Topping Pre90 Review (preamplifier)

    I use tube monos with 750mV / 100kOhm input sensitivity / impedance or solid state class AB monos diy project that I do not know the specs. In both cases pre90 works great.
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    NOS Burr-Brown PCM56 DAC with Tubes!!!

    I believe it sounds fantastic, actually I own cd player on double PCM56 chips and to my ear PCM56 "has cottton like softness" and such a "flow and musicality" maybe not last word in terms of resolution but who cares. Anyway your dac is impressive, 7 transformers (right?), tubes battery biased...
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    NOS Burr-Brown PCM56 DAC with Tubes!!!

    Pcm56 and tubes its almost holy grail (i.e. philips 1541 and tubes) :) Nice job!
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    Field Recorder Comparison Sony PCM-D100 vs Olympus LS-11 (vs Motu M4)

    Thanks, I will be using internal mics only, as fa as I know tascam has internal mics that accept up to 125dB and I heared very good opinions about record quality so I incline towards tascam...
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