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    Review: Apple vs Google USB-C Headphone Adapters

    I find the dongle does not sound as nice when its digital volume is maxed out or in the upper reaches. Plus I prefer to use my keybinds to control volume over reaaching for the knob. The dongle has 120 steps of volume which is plenty.
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    Review: Apple vs Google USB-C Headphone Adapters

    what's the 50mv SNR of apple dongle? I don't see it on amir's rankings. I'd imagine it would rank pretty high up there, because i can use it through a maxed out amp (using dongle's digital volume) with iems and still not hear any hiss.
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    Review: Apple vs Google USB-C Headphone Adapters

    Yes, just get apple dongle and USB A to C adapter if computer does not have usbc and it should work fine with 3.5mm to RCA into an amp. Don't worry about double amping ; it is only bad in specific circumstances.
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    Review: Apple vs Google USB-C Headphone Adapters

    Does anyone have measurements of the apple dongle ADC?
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    Review and Measurements of Trend DV-821A universal DVD player

    It should be rather obvious to determine when peak expansion is going on by comparing to the non-decoded data on the CD. Second image shows HDCD decoded then amplified to the same level as the original audio to demonstrate what exactly is being "expanded" (the clipped area)
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    Review and Measurements of Trend DV-821A universal DVD player

    Is this able to output decoded HDCD over a digital output?
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    Any plans to review phones as DAC sources?

    GSMarena measurements are practically useless. Many of the phones they measure seem to exceed the capabilities of the ADC they use. Plus they have no information on the actually important things like power output (with different loads) and OI. EDIT: Another possible explanation is that they...
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    How to Turn an LG V20 into a dedicated DAP (and general owners' discussion)

    The problem with using Viper is this limits you to Android's sub-par audio system, which is 16-bit and resamples audio to 48khz using a low quality algorithm (though something like Neutron can partially work around this with its own internal resampling). As far as dedicated DAP use goes, just...
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    Review and Measurements of Trend DV-821A universal DVD player

    Interesting that it has HDCD decoding. I'd be interested in hearing/measuring a hardware implementation of HDCD, because the software decoders available right now do not have some of the smaller features implemented (only the main peak expansion/gain adjustment features that actually affect the...
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    JDS Labs EL AMP II Headphone Review

    A well performing, matching, aesthetically pleasing DAC amp stack with a big ol' knob. What more could one want?
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    Which DAC measurements do you like to see next?

    Not sure if this is the relevant place to put it, but any plans to review the shanling m0? Has anyone sent one in? I can send mine once my a5 comes back if need be. Really interesting "portable audio Swiss army knife" DAP. Does just about everything you could imagine such a device could do, and...
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    Samsung USB-C Headphone Adapter Review

    What makes a USB/lightning port easier to waterproof than a headphone jack? It is easy to see how waterproofed headphone jack design could be achieved just by looking down the barrel of an apple dongle.
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    Samsung USB-C Headphone Adapter Review

    What's funny is they didn't even get sleeker or thinner.. the thinnest iOS device is still the iPod touch, and that has a headphone jack. If you look into newer iPhone you will also find that the place where they used to have the headphone jack is taken up by a piece of plastic now.
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    foobar2000 modular freeware audioplayer for Windows developed by Peter Pawłowski

    Are you able to somehow replace the one built into Windows? Does the audio APO framework even allow for that, or is it implemented after the resampling step? The biggest strength of Windows DS resampler is that it is implemented seamlessly systemwide..
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