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    TempoTec Sonata BHD, a better budget option than the HD Pro?

    Really interesting to see such a tiny device with dual dac chips and balanced output. I am so eager to look at its results by @amirm .
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    Review and Measurements of Sabaj D5 DAC & Amp

    What do you think HDMI input? Unfortunately, noone has sofar tested HDMI input for jitter
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    So, just saw this on Facebook from Shenzhenaudio, SMSL SU-9, I can't keep up!

    wonderful news! I hope it will better perform than Sabaj D5, and cheaper as well. I believe it costs around 300 usd
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    Sabaj D5 - Owners' Thread

    any news about new firmware ? Mine has v1.6, BTW
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    Sabaj D5 - Owners' Thread

    the same here... i am utterly happy with Sabaj D5. They are so helpful and reponsive to messages on Aliexpress. They shipped updating tool for free at all. Sabaj D5 is superior as standalone dac, and has a good balanced amp. It is so interesting to see someone who made a long negative comment...
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    AudioQuest Victoria Audio Cable with DBS Review

    Still trying such tweaky things with perfect set-ups?C’mon It is already perfect! I do not know why either Sabaj D5, M500 or D50s is not used for this kind of tests. I respect this forum, but i am not convinced at all. This is like a car with a speed limiter got some gasoline additive into tank.
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    The craziest DAC ever #9038AP with distortions analyzer onboard.

    @IVX When will you release it? Any possibility to use ES9038pro instead?
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    Gustard A18

    if you feel something, please share it on another forum. ASR has been underlined many times to be only on scientific facts. Audio-GD ??? I am speechless. Please look at their measurements. All are crap.
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    Gustard A18

    A22 is one of the worst thing you can buy. Many better other options are much cheaper. For example, A18 seems to be better than A22, LoL!
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    SONCOZ SGD1 Audio DAC Review

    is there any way to steam through wifi (24bit) rather than BT? @Ben
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    Gustard A18

    and they all suck
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    Review and Measurements of Sabaj D5 DAC & Amp

    Just wonder jitter performance of hdmi input. We know results regarding USB, but no test available when it comes to HDMI.
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    RME ADI-2 FS Version 2 DAC and Headphone Amp Review

    Anyway guys, love you all! Who knows? When RME decides to go for AK4499, i might be one of lovely commenters and comment-likers here. Wish you all best experience...
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