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    xDuoo TA-20 Tube Balanced Headphone Amplifier Review

    Ta-20 is very picky about tubes. With the right tubes, it is definitely warmer. TA-20 is laid back type of sound, which allows you to listen to the music through the longer session. Conversely, P20 slaps music on your face, completely fatiging after a while ( you have already had this amp, you...
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    xDuoo TA-20 Tube Balanced Headphone Amplifier Review

    Everyon can believe in anything. But i have not seen any braveheart saying there is no difference in sonic between solid-state and tube amps. This is just ignorance, blindness, denialism. Just a quick example; battlehead crack vs thx 789.
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    xDuoo TA-20 Tube Balanced Headphone Amplifier Review

    I deeply respect you... This might be evolution, and we are maybe at the beginning and will later say exactly what you said ...
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    xDuoo TA-20 Tube Balanced Headphone Amplifier Review

    So all top tier tube amps suck your money for nothing. Do you really think this? Have you ever heard any popular tube amp ? Do you call all-tube amp buyers as gullible guys paying more than a thousand bucks for worse than any sinad champ under 100 -150 usd?
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    xDuoo TA-20 Tube Balanced Headphone Amplifier Review

    No EQ at all. Do not like it. Eq that you want can be done through tube rolling. TA- 20 has two drawbacks, and need them to be done. Caps rolling: I believe Ta-20 uses four of a solid 250V caps but it needs more. I do not wanna discuss it here Opamp rolling: TA-20 has got a pair of 2132PA...
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    xDuoo TA-20 Tube Balanced Headphone Amplifier Review

    I have both for a long time! Winners here!! Sound stage wise: Ta-20 byfar Blacker background: Ta-20 Separation: Ta-20 Bass: P20 by far Treble: P20 Midrange: Tier Layering: Ta-20 Dynamism/engagement : P20 Imaging: Ta-20 Driving power: Tier ( both are powerful enough for almost all, but ta -20 at...
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    USB to AES/EBU: the solution?

    Can you check if it also works with iPhone + cck adapter if you have any?
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    Impact of AC Distortion & Noise on Audio Equipment

    @amirm, thank you again for an informative review. I have actually long waited for an objective review of Loxjie P20 by you. I know it was on your shelf for a couple of years. Many people having this little amp lean towards buying a power supply with high current, and they claim its sound...
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    Best Measuring USB to AES Interface

    Where did you find that AF200 provides 1V through its AES output?
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    Topping D70s MQA Review (DAC)

    I have been playing with D70S for a while. I wanna say this is the best hifi thing I have ever purchased so far!
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    Flux FA-12 Review (headphone amplifier)

    When seen the measurements of Bifrost 2, you would think how noisy it is. In fact, there is no noise at all. Indeed it provides a bit euphonic sound, which makes me think a lot to buy it. I have never tried Yggy. If i were in US, BF2 would be my DAC. I think Schitt should care of European...
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    Measurements of Musician Pegasus R2R DAC

    I suspect many users of HeadFi to actually be seller. They are just escalating some unrealities regarding products. This brought me to chose a well-measured D/S Dac. Btw, My D70s will be knocking on the door within two days.
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    Best Measuring USB to AES Interface

    I could not catch your point well. Btw, there is a measurement by @WolfX-700
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