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    USB audio interfaces interest

    There are some good detailed reports available now here: I use it for it's inputs taking a chromecast optical and analog turntable pre, and outputting into a PC...
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    Is COVID strategy moving towards herd-immunity?!

    Wide coffee bag ties work well as a mask nose clip. In a nod to audio DIY, I've also made nose clips from 16ga solid core copper stripped out of an ac cable, with electric tape as a holder to form into a strip. Both work very well and I find provide a much better seal than no nose clip.
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    ASR Headphone Testing and BK 5128 Hats Measurement System

    It won't give a free field calibration because the room response in the modal frequencies will tend to get baked in (for good (e.g Harman boost < 100 Hz) or bad (nulls/peaks)). Short of measuring your own HRTF, I think it would be more neutral than an off the shelf response meant for some...
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    ASR Headphone Testing and BK 5128 Hats Measurement System

    Oh, and iirc, I played a ~250 Hz tone while setting up the headset in the jig, fiddling position until maximizing SPL on a meter, before finalizing force gauge and taking the sweep
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    ASR Headphone Testing and BK 5128 Hats Measurement System

    I would recommend using the force gauge then. I can’t recall where we sourced it but it was for headphone measurements. So probably B&K and the cost of an entry Tesla
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    ASR Headphone Testing and BK 5128 Hats Measurement System

    I worked with a HATS daily evaluating headsets from suppliers. Its flexibility and anatomical shape made test results variable for headsets expecting a tight seal to the ear (high acoustic impedance). Response below 400 Hz varied significantly trial to trial. It became important to use a...
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    SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speaker Review

    I own an SVS sub and their customer service has been amazing, on par with Bryston (tops)
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    SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speaker Review

    IME from designing and voicing many crossovers/speakers, I would anticipate that this EQ wouldn't help. If anything, I would 1. bring down 2 to 4kHz 1 to 2 dB and make sure they're not toed in, but listened to 30 degrees on axis. That off axis tweeter flare is left far too untamed, and will...
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    Purifi PTT6.5W04-01A 6.5" midwoofer

    No I haven't, sorry, but there are many box modeling programs to choose from, I use an old but good one here for quick estimates
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    Multi-Channel, Multi-Amplifier Audio System Using Software Crossover and Multichannel-DAC

    Jusr wanted to thank you for posting this. I've been using a laptop as the center of my system for years and never knew these existed with volume. This will make using the system much more enjoyable, thanks again
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    Philharmonic BMR Speaker Review

    Thanks for all your great hard work. Your presentation is refreshingly balanced and lacking in exaggeration, maybe the best loudspeaker reviews I've ever come across. I like your choice of pragmatic objective measurements that matter, and rational subjective comments put into clear context...
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    Replace noisy laptop as music source

    Find a chromecast audio used, or similar, put the music on a dlna NAS hard drive (I use western digital, its lasted years), then use hificast app from your phone to play to the chromecast. If you ever decide to use a streaming service, it'll cast to the chromecast
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    Salk WoW1 Bookshelf Speaker Review

    Its unfortunately quite common for many small designs to hope for too much using a port. The woofer unloads too easily and early. To be fair to Salk, that's not the WoWs mission, its clearly a near field/small room/lower level intent so its being unfairly judged for a mission beyond its...
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    Pro-ject Phono Box DS2 USB Phono Stage Review

    Yes, agree. However if volume is just for digital capture, it would still apply for the use case of a separate A/D per post #3. @amirm, suggest checking out the analysis in post #4 for helping set dynamic range targets for your phono pre measures. The groove data wasn't easy to come by...
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