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    Monitors for digital piano, how much delay?

    My ADAM have an imperceptible delay for sure.
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    Otari MX-5050 Review (Reel to Reel Tape Deck)

    I have a very old Nakamichi Deck and just wondering if anyone knows someone who can work on them in the Bay Area? It still works well, but it’s nearly 30 years old and never had any work done on it.
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    Topping E50 Review (Balanced DAC)

    Wow! The want one so bad! I’m not even sure what else to say. Funny thing is, I want it more for its looks.
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    Puritan Audio PSM156 Review (AC Filter)

    I know with my dimmer switch on, my ADAM ARTist 5 don’t always automagically shutoff while no music is playing, but they do with the lights off. When you turn the lights back on though, they don’t turn back on however… not sure if a device like this would fix that problem or not, but I wouldn’t...
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    Puritan Audio PSM156 Review (AC Filter)

    Wow! Look how great that performs with the filter! I’m going to get one for both of my systems.
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    Behringer B2030P Studio Monitor Review

    You can see the changes made here by stuffing the ports on this speaker’s big brother (2031P) with cotton balls. I tried this with 5 different speakers, all with the same results.
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    Chane A1.5 Review (Bookshelf Speaker)

    Woofer looks good, but above that I’ve got nothing good to say so I won’t say anything at all ;)
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    Fiio BTR3 Review (Portable DAC & Bluetooth Receiver)

    Sadly. I am slowly becoming an audio conspiracy theorist.
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    Dan Clark Stealth Review (State of the Art Headphone)

    Even though I’m sure I won’t ever own this (while I’m married), I’m glad it exists.
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    Dan Clark Stealth Review (State of the Art Headphone)

    Well, finally something that absolutely bests my HD650. I have his old Mad Dog 3, so perhaps its equal if I add in a few dollars worth of Mad Dog 20/20. That’ll have to be my consolation because I do want to remain married (I think). I’ll have to ponder that one for a while. Ooops, got to...
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    ifi hip dac review (DAC & Headphone Amp)

    I ended up hitting the reset button and my A5 is like new again :) I've never had to hit it before and I'm not sure what triggered it to trip. I figured I may as well try... It's odd, my wife leaned over to give me a kiss and it died. Must have been the electricity in the air.
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    Darlington Labs MM-5 Review (Phono Stage)

    This looks like a great phono pre with one flaw that the strict objectivist my disapprove of. Otherwise it shouldn’t be a problem and many, if not most will likely enjoy especially if they don’t know it’s a “flaw”. I’m personally getting more relaxed in my old age when it comes to things like...
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    ifi hip dac review (DAC & Headphone Amp)

    My FiiO A5 died suddenly last night and in my mourning I was hoping this would be the replacement. First loves are impossible to replace. RIP A5. You’ll never be duplicated it seems. I wish I could understand why, when it’s already been done, no one has said “let’s do that again!” JDSLabs...
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    Revel in-wall speaker measurements…spinorama, in room, Audysey XT32

    I swear my next house I’m doing in wall speakers! Love the look and lack of SBIR. I bet you can hyperactivate some room modes and get free bass extension as well.
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