Colin James Wonfor

ll the Inca Tech's. TOCA, Tellurium Q, The Magnums early designs were all me, the later are based on the "Oberon" and are my designs also these were re-vamp for cheapness by Relph but are still all my conceptions. The Magnum A Class is based on a design I did for Inca Design, but was stolen by Relph along with the Oberon design but he never put the right components in them he cheapens them far to much.
Relph managed to obtain the "Gerber files" i.e. the PCB layouts.
He also stole Magnum away from me even though I owned 50% of the company, not nice but now way in the past.
The Magnum company was based on products I did for Tom of NLE under the MIH and then for ProAc these were called "ProAc Magnum, the Lescon 4 channel amp was a later Inca Tech design which became the Oxford Acoustic's "Mystic"

In order:-
Pushpull 1 Germanium Amp 1971
V1 Tube amp 1972
12W Single Ended A Class 1974
MIH 100W 1975
MIH 400W
ProAc stereo 100w 1980
ProAc 3 Channel 100W
Magnum A100, 400W 1982
Magnum A200
Magnum Pre-amp
Dreadnought by Elsdon Wonfor
Inca Tech Gold plated mains plugs
Inca Tech Sabre iss 1 1983
Inca Tech Prelude
Inca Tech Claymore 1 1983
Inca Tech Claymore Gold
Inca Tech Claymore S
Inca Tech Claymore 2
Inca Tech FMT Tuner
Inca Tech IT50,IT100,IT200
Inca Tech IT1P preamp
Inca Tech Sabre iss 2
Inca Tech Dirk
Inca Design ID25,ID50,ID75
Inca Tech MSB (a monster)
Inca Design Oberon Classic
Inca Design Oberon (standard)
Oxford Acoustic's "Mystic"
TOCA SECA 20W,50W,100W,200W,300W single ended class A,s 1995
Catch XXII Cables 2009 then became Tellurium Q

Tellurium Q Iridium A Class 20W, 100W 2011
Tellurium Q Listen Headphone/Phono Amp
Tellurium Q Pre-Amp
Tellurium Q cables design and concept.

Forced to resign by other directors that controlled the money, so effectively TQ stolen by crafty manipulation this wrecked my marriage and forced me to be homeless so I hold no love for this company at all. And my so called friend now lives the life of luxury while I struggle with a disability caused by stroke and stress. Ask yourself is this fair or right would you like it??? And what would you do, having been threaten with physical violence and in bad health at the time go on ask yourself what?

Products worked on Naim Nait 5i, other bits also for Naim and Cambridge Audio. 2008- 2010

Now a consultant designer at Elsdon Wonfor Audio Ltd
Aug 21, 1953 (Age: 66)
London< UK
Design Engineer


Colin Wonfor

Design Consultant and Audio Nut
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