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    Ugliest or Dysfunctional CD players, Turntables, Pre-amps and other gear

    All the Philips tt pics take me way back.....considered them at one point, had kinda cool controls. Didn't want the rest of it in the end :) (went with SL1200 mk2)
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    Tools for building better DIY speakers

    LOL was more expecting table saw and router and jig recommendations :)
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    No low end with DTS

    Have you compared that bluray disc to a streaming version of Tenet? I don't recall either being particularly devoid of the low end....but I only rented the disc so couldn't compare them myself.
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    Rythmik F12se vs KEF KC62

    2hz? eh? even 20hz is questionable for the Kef. If you want small subs for apartment living you may not want a real sub otoh and something like the Kef might suffice.
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    exploring why my NHT SuperZeros don't sound great

    What's the background of each measurement to make them comparable?
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    exploring why my NHT SuperZeros don't sound great

    I just wouldn't expect much from those speakers alone. In a small room with subs perhaps....don't do any nearfield listening tho.
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    Denon AVR-X3700H AVR Review

    Interesting to go to the Japanese site for actual information but then the US site has a lot of issues I think....
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    Outlaw 2200’s seem under driven by my denon.

    Why would the avr be limited with an 850mV sensitivity in the amp, tho? What avr can't muster that on the pre-outs? If it's accurate...and even if not the Denon can output more voltage, but perhaps not as cleanly in measurement.
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    Anyone Else Buying New Vinyl?

    Yeah the contrast between playing time of an optical disc/digital media vs vinyl makes "long playing" a bit of a misnomer these days.
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    Anyone Else Buying New Vinyl?

    LOL I do have this one....
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    Anyone Else Buying New Vinyl?

    I haven't bought vinyls (yes, just to annoy the vinylphiles :) ) in well over 20 years, possibly closer to 30, don't really keep track tho. I still have my vinyls (LPs, 45s, EPs) and a tt, tho. I think I got a "free" "180g" lp about 20 years ago, tho. It was a bit noisy, too due apparently a...
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    Can you beat my option? KEF LS50 Wireless II + SVS SB-2000 Pro

    Gotta do what you gotta do except when you can't ;)
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    Can A Scientist Tell Me Why My High End Speakers Sound Dramatically Better Crossed Over At 120hz?

    What mic does Dirac gear typically come with? Has a calibration file you can use in REW? Umik is an affordable measurement mic and is readily available I think is its main attraction.....
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