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    SMSL SU v2 + SMSL SP200

    It seems like you are having really high expectation for the new gear. I personally think you will be disappointed because of that. Therefore, you should go with high performance per price devices like E30 and Atom. They are in the range of absolute transparency so you shouldn't be able to tell...
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    NAD 2200 Vintage Amplifier Review

    Question. Since the unit is modified, it is not an original one anymore, so is it legit to use this specific sample to recommend the model? Although throughout the review, it is clearly stated that the device is upgraded, I'm just a little bit picky about the wording here.
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    Schiit Modius Balanced DAC Review

    Question: Why are recent reviews no longer includes frequency response test? Or am I missing something?
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    Does DAC performance = great sound?

    TLDR: Better measurement = Better DAC performance, but Performance != your "great sound" definition. My opinion on this is pretty simple. It is all due to how you define what "great sound" is, basically up to your taste. In my case, if something sounds good to me, then I will go with it even if...
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    How to differentiate CTIA (AHJ) vs OMTP standard TRRS by look?

    Yes, I'm trying to convert 3.5mm (male) to 6.3mm(male) jack (TRRS to TRS) in order to use 3.5mm with Atom amp. The adapter that I'm using is just a generic one. I would say it is the same as whatever includes in the box when you buy a new headphone. Something like in the picture. I case I need...
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    How to differentiate CTIA (AHJ) vs OMTP standard TRRS by look?

    Hi, I have Beyerdynamic Byron, which is an in-ear monitor with built-in mic (3.5mm TRRS jack). I want to use it with my JDS Labs Atom amp. The thing is, when ever I plug it into Atom, the sound is like I'm under water (echoey) for some reason. However, if I use it with Fiio e10k, as well as my...
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    Aune S8 Balanced DAC Review

    Well, it's kinda weird because other Chinese manufacturer like Topping and SMSL also have this issue. It has been years so they should try to deal with it way before.
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    Utter audio noob somewhat disillusioned with the amp/dac market, looking for advice...

    Owner of 880 premium 250-600 ohm (used to own)/ 990 (premium 600 ohm-currently own) here. Same to you, I have a big concern with channel imbalance since I'm sensitive to it. My Atom amp has channel imbalance issue at low level (below 9'o clock) but it was fixed by RMA. From my experience...
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    Unimpressive DT990 Edition 600 ohm bass?

    I agree that Solderdude's site is really valuable for me when I seek out for analytical review. Although his site doesn't have measurement for 700X, other sources like Rtings has and I use them in this case. Personally, I don't have any particular taste, what I need is only a wow factor when...
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    Unimpressive DT990 Edition 600 ohm bass?

    Because most of the song that I listen to (anime OST) are not on streaming services. Off course I'm talking about original release, not cover or remaster by other people, so I don't bother using these services. About EQ, it's just my personal preference. I used to be an EQ guy, but now I simply...
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    Unimpressive DT990 Edition 600 ohm bass?

    Hi all, Recently, I had a chance to try out DT880 Edition/premium 250/600 ohm (already returned) and DT990 Edition 600 ohm (currently own). At least to my ear, their bass are almost the same, though DT880 is a bit tighter (and faster?). Upgrading from AD700x which is my daily driver for 2...
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    New Schiit: Custom USB Silicon

    Ling Ling agrees.
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    Review and Measurements of New JDS Labs Atom Headphone Amp

    That's a detailed explanation, I get why we can't show power relative to knob position now. But can you tell me why can't we have a voltage output relative to volume knob position? Of course, it will be depended on input source/gain, but I think we should be able to give a spec in term of...
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    Review and Measurements of New JDS Labs Atom Headphone Amp

    Well, it's complicated to say but I actually tried 880 600 or 250 ohms before. As in my experience, even at around 10'o clock, the volume is enough for me since I mostly listen on Youtube, which has pretty high average SPL. What concerns me is the possibility of overriding them, not really the...
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    Review and Measurements of New JDS Labs Atom Headphone Amp

    The below is my calculation for power output of Atom amp, can anyone check it for me? It can output 250mW @300 ohms load (high gain), which means it will provide 300mW @250 ohms. How will these number change if I use low gain instead? I'm gonna get DT 880 Edition-250 ohms, which is rated @0.1 W...
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