Hmmmm. Old guy, educated in EE at MIT. I've been slowly re-entering audio by building a set of desktop gear (JDS Labs Atom, Topping D10) and modest headphone collection: Beyerdynamic DT880; MassDrop HD6XX, and MassDrop HF4xx using a lot of advice from this forum. (I have a THX 789 on order!)

I've been lurking for about a year! Love the forum and Amir's approach. I used to build speakers back in the day, the most complex was a KEF driver four-way folded transmission line tower from a design published in Hi-Fi Answers.

I have ultimate ambitions to expand to a stereo system with nice speakers suitable for small to medium rooms, amp plus speakers budget <$3k.

I currently work for a 3d metal printing company, bulk of my career was spent verifying integrated circuit logic (computer chips) in simulation, so haven't touched real instruments (o-scope, spectrum analyzer, TDR) in years.
Oct 14, 1954 (Age: 69)
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