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    Topping L70 Headphone Amp Review

    Well, the Sabaj has more power so that's why it's being used with HE400se for movies. I haven't had so much time to compare yet though, I've only had the Sabaj since last week.
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    Topping L70 Headphone Amp Review

    Probably not, but it's on paper better. I've connected my C200 to Sabaj a20h with XLR and certainly doesn't hurt. I prefer the XLR / TSR cables anyway. Using two of these: This...
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    Does Hi-Res Audio Have a Future?

    Me neither. 2 channel is everywhere but multichannel isn't.
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    Does Hi-Res Audio Have a Future?

    Audio bandwidth is cheap compared to video so yeah.
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    A Call For Humor!

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    Do We Want All Speakers To Sound The Same ?

    Sound the same? That's never been the case.
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    Topping DX3 Pro+ Review (DAC & Headphone Amp)

    1. Remove the power cable 2. Hold the button / wheel down 3. Plug in the power cable again 4. You're now in settings, use the wheel and push it again to go through the settings. There's not so many Once you've found the gain setting hold in the button again to exit setup.
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    (Europe) Master Deals Thread on Audio Product Sales

    Black Week at thomann. For instance AKG K-702 headphones Studio monitors has Genelec, Dynaudio, M-Audio, Mackie etc
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    The Matrix Resurrections what a horrible movie...

    Still not true though. The superhero genre at cinemas would have died ages ago if people didn't watch them. And generally reboots, sequels etc are safer bets. Of course there are examples where it completely fails, but there's a reason Apple for instance suddenly will not change the name of the...
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    The Matrix Resurrections what a horrible movie...

    It's not out of ideas though. People prefer what they are used to, it's really up to them to watch different kinds of movies..
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    1st lab-grown meat product cleared for human consumption in the U.S.

    As others have pointed out, volume matters. But suppose you just feed a muscle energy rather than a whole animal (increased transports too), it's quite given that this could be a revolution on how we eat food. Even on spaceships one can grow only the good parts..
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    Pass Labs HPA-1 Headphone Amp Review

    Could've been if objective measurements were provided decadas ago. Obviously it will never be purely science based as people like to buy to impress others, lifestyle etc etc But there's also a part of me that thinks that people don't want to get fooled into giving cash for things that aren't...
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