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    Analysis of Paper on Measurements of RCA Cables by Kunchur (Video)

    Excellent video, I think it’s great having intelligent discussion in this format which puts claims in context. Must have been a lot of work to put together so thanks.
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    Darko Expert Opinion - Digital Audio

    Hi Darko's latest podcast has an expert opinion from a compatriot on some of the challenges of digital audio. A lot of it doesn't sit right with me but I'm not confident enough with my knowledge to rebut. It would be interesting to see a video or article looking at some of these points around...
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    Arylic A50 Review (wireless amplifier)

    The series including the A50 now have gapless playback (tested with Deezer). Aside from the measured amp performance functionality wise this puts it ahead of a lot of the big boys!! Looking at you MusicCast particularly (and Chromecast).
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    Apple Music vs Tidal

    Yes it makes sense and as it has remained this way through a number of iterations of iOS, seems intentional. There are any number of ways to get lossless anyway - all my listening is lossless via AirPlay or the Apple TV which is an excellent streamer + device (well apart from on Sonos which...
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    Apple Music vs Tidal

    Yes AirPlay isn’t mentioned at all. I think it’s probably too complicated to go through the whole ‘if it’s AirPlay 1 then, if it’s AirPlay 2 …system-wide…” etc Be interesting to see if they make it available officially via AirPlay anytime soon. They don’t seem in any rush- it will be...
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    Tidal Alternative

    Yes it would be nice if differences were quantified in some way, either with DBT or capture of the digital stream and quantified comparison. With listening tests of course all aspects of the signal chain would need to be identical. Would be really interesting! I've never noticed any differences...
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    Primephonic Becoming Apple Music: Alternatives?
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    Apple Music vs Tidal

    Hi The 2019 hires of Abbey Road is not only a remaster but a reMIX so that likely accounts for things like the different cymbal sound and changed dynamics. It would be interesting for you to compare your cd rip to this version (the 2009 remaster which is likely the same, unless like me you are...
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    Tidal Alternative

    I sent them a polite but strongly worded letter and they pro-rata'd the rest of my annual subscription at the new rate.
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    Apple Music vs Tidal

    His tests to verify USB bit perfect performance were on the basis of the HDCD light coming on when feeding the audio to a Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC Reference Series 3, which is obviously a specific set of circumstances. I'd be really interested in some more generic testing of this. I...
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    Amazon Music HD same price as Spotify. :D

    Good question. Here are some answers:
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    Spotify Hi-Fi coming later this year?

    There have been rumours and reports of lossless for a number of years but Feb was when it officially became a coming feature. I agree most listeners won’t care, a small number like me will regard it as ‘nice to have’ then there will be a tiny number who have to have it, but will probably stay...
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    Spotify Hi-Fi coming later this year?

    Yes it must be highly embarrassing and undermine confidence in ‘ability to execute’ for a listed company like Spotify to announce a major feature in the market with such fanfare (including promo videos featuring Billie Eilish and Finneas) and over nine months later still not having implemented...
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    Apple Music Hi-Res Audio Playback Methods Agglomeration

    Yes a block artist or block genre feature would be useful for example. I guess the problem with those approaches is they lack nuance i.e. you might throw away the baby with the bath water. Qobuz have a feature to filter new releases etc by genre for example but I find I lose a lot of releases...
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    Audiophile "Impostor Syndrome" and Epiphany

    I'm only an audiophile to the extent of being interested in the technology, methods of measurement, acoustics etc. I've never been into tweaks, expensive gear for the sake of it etc. My biggest revelations/epiphanies were: - when comparing streaming services and realising that all the...
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