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    Topping E50 Review (Balanced DAC)

    It's all showboating from here
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    Topping L50 Review (Headphone Amp)

    Me: Wallet: It looks like the time has come my friend
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    SONCOZ SGA-1 Review (Headphone Amplifier)

    I am extremely excited for the future of SONCOZ. It's a smooth looking piece of equipment that measures well and provokes the question for what possibilities lie ahead for this team.
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    Topping D10 Balanced Review (USB DAC)

    Just insane value. Topping really took measurements into consideration these past years and ran with it.
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    Drop Ether CX Review (Closed Planar Headphone)

    Out of curiosity are there any DJs or producers out there that have used these for mixing playlists and DJing? I'm struggling to find a pair of headphones that I can start mixing with and enjoy making playlists with and by popular choice these headphones seem to check the sound enjoyment factor...
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    Violectric HPA V550 Pro Review (Pre-amp/Headphone Amp)

    I'll say that channel balance has me very turned on
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    EquiTech 1.5RQ Balanced Power Review

    Sometime ago I heard Zero Surge is a good option. Could be worth looking into.
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    JDS Atom Amp+ Review (Headphone Amplifier)

    Dude channel balance looks pretty damn good!
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    Bose NC700 Review (Noise Cancelling Headphone)

    Darn! I'm looking for a good pair of wireless cans to workout with, too. Maybe one day someone will send Amir a pair of Beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC Travellers :} The hunt continues!
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    Motu M2 Review (Audio Interface)

    Motu M2 + A30pro sounds good to me! I wanted to do this as well!
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    Motu M2 Review (Audio Interface)

    M2 balanced (albeit probably not TRUE balanced) output is very nice for some up in power. And the digital display adds a nice touch if you like that sort of thing :]
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    Polk Monitor 40 Series II Review (Speaker)

    @beagleman It was a while ago and I cannot remember exactly which models. But I do recall some of the Polk bookshelf speakers to sound better than the floor standing cabinets.
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    Polk Monitor 40 Series II Review (Speaker)

    'Back in the day' when I used to work at Fry's in 2012 I never really liked to demo Polk speakers. They sounded decent in the store but for the most part imo could not compete with some of the other options like Infinity. However, I LOVED the Polk MM series car audio speakers. They could take...
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    Singxer SA-1 Review (Balanced Headphone Amp)

    FFFFF YESSSS!!!!! Singxer F1 was the first product to get my excited about their company and to see them creating a stellar amp such as this blows my mind. Absolutely beautiful display of numbers.
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    What are we listening to right now..

    Sublime with my HD600 and BH Crack at low volume
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