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    Time for an upgrade! Best Studio Monitors under $4000?

    At 3', you could throw the 705's into consideration as well. I'm 14' from the 708's. I have 705's on my desk, and love them too. Both have 2x250w amps, analog and digital input, a range of custom filters, etc. I have 3 708's and 6 705's...that's how much I like mine.
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    Study: Is I²S interface better for DACs than S/PDIF or USB?

    At a ratio of about an inch to 150 miles (if I got my zeroes right), that's clearly Chuck Norris territory.
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    Time for an upgrade! Best Studio Monitors under $4000?

    I haven't done a direct comparison, but from what I've read, the 308's punch way above their pay grade. If you have a way to compare the two in your room that would be an interesting test. How far from the speakers will you be? I have 3 708's across the front, and I can't say enough about how...
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    Time for an upgrade! Best Studio Monitors under $4000?

    Welcome! Take a look at the JBL 708P's.
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    Do USB Audio Cables Make A Difference?

    @Bullwinkle J Moose , making it personal got your offensive post deleted and earned you a thread ban.
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    Measurements of speaker cables in frequency and time domain

    How was the rest of the party? I bet it got very quiet very fast...I hope the host had a sense of humor about it. I am thinking this would make for a good SNL skit.
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    Topping E30 DAC Review

    Maybe if you shake it hard enough.
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    Can you define me a threshold for "audible - hearable"?

    It's been a while since the shoutometer made an appearance, but this seems like a good time. It ignores atmospheric attenuation as it is meant be more conceptual, but it illustrates how quickly it becomes more of an exercise in engineering excellence than a pursuit of further sound quality...
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    What set of measurements can equate two DACs?

    We are clearly simplifying...and the tests done by our host include far more than a simple 1kHz test signal. When multitone, and all the rest of the measurements are included, the device is characterized well enough to make a transparent/non-transparent judgment. At the end of the day, until...
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    What set of measurements can equate two DACs?

    I'd agree with that, with the caveat that they aren't gaming the system with pathological conditions or tortured test tones, in a normal room with normal music with filters matched, levels matched, and with a properly done double blind environment. All that's needed is for someone to do it...
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    Audio-gd Digital Interface (Upgraded Clocks) vs Topping D10S

    Minidsp udio8 will give you multi-channel from USB.
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    What set of measurements can equate two DACs?

    Not necessarily snake-oil, it just won't sound different/better. They don't have to be equal, they just have to be beyond the threshold of transparency. Beyond that, it's not about SQ any longer. Strict threshold might be anything over (under?) -115dB sinad. Realistic threshold is likely...
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    Inside High res Music (Antonio Forcione) (Video)

    Do you have either a space that could make use of, or music that requires more than 96dB of dynamic range? Remember you start from your ambient noise and add that 96 to it... 24 bit gives 144dB, which for recording and mastering has utility, but for normal listening, doesn't make it better in...
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    Inside High res Music (Antonio Forcione) (Video)

    That's the common misconception. The only thing gained by using a higher sampling rate is a higher frequency being captured, not a more accurate reconstruction. 44.1kHz samples rate gives you up to 22.05 kHz frequency response. 96 gives you up to 48, 192 gives you up to 96, etc. That's all...
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