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    Why aren't we pushing for more 4-8 channel DACS for a quality Stereo setup

    That allready exists in the pro world, something like Motu is crossing over into home audio for people like you. By the way, one of the new DEQX models is 8 channels which means you no longer need 2 boxes for an all in one 8 channel system.
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    E1DA 9038D Review (portable DAC & Amp)

    Yeah, iam usinvg it with windows 7 and no issues
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    [Gallium Nitride amplifier] Impressions of the Mini Gan 5 by Premium Audio, pictures / video inside

    Is the capability of higher switching frequency another one of these urban myths? I mean does it actually lead to audible sonic differences?
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    KEF Reference 5 VS Blade 2 vs Muon

    But listening is prone to folly. And proper DBT is not practical for the vast majority of us. So what do we do? Certainly not going to trust one individual raving that speaker A is better than speaker B, despite measurements not supporting that.
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    A Call For Humor!

    Yup, that Mcintosh!
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    Audyssey Room EQ Review

    I use the splitter in my HT system, main use is for movies and not music. Two of the subs are on front wall: left-sub-centre-sub-right. So both subs equidistant to main listening spot. I have no issue with gain. Third sub back corner.
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    Audyssey Room EQ Review

    How many subs are you planning to use? I have 3 and use an RCA Y splitter for 2 which my AVR treats as 1 sub. Works pretty well.
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    Topping E50 Review (Balanced DAC)

    I cant keep up. Still have my original dx7, but why so many variations of dacs, headphone amps? How many does Topping now make and how do you differentiate between the products? Or are these just upgrades of existing product lines?
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    P452 and Sointuva from March Audio

    Thanks for the feedback. Any pics to share? Usually less "booming", activation of room modes is a reflection of less bass output (the old my sealed sub sounds better than ported argument). What were your previous speakers?
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    Advice wanted (Is this okay?) : Looking for a <$1000 stereo amplifier

    Well Iam in Australia and recently added an Apollon amp to the stable
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    P452 and Sointuva from March Audio

    Word of caution - when googling pics of black butt make sure you spell correctly!
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    Chest Pain.

    This is the stupidest thing I have read in a while, completely the wrong message. If anyone has chest pain seek medical attention immediately!!! Most people who die of heart disease ignore their symptoms, and succumb to a condition that is eminently treatable theses days.
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    P452 and Sointuva from March Audio

    Nice! What speakers are they?
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    P452 and Sointuva from March Audio

    Love the imperfections of timber. Would love to see a speaker made with resin patching. Measurements be damned!
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