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    Allo Revolution DAC-

    Bart is correct! And thanks for explaining the "u" - googled that once and did not readily find that answer.
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    Floor choice for best acoustics: Carpet or Wood?

    Not suggesting anyone do this but I am re-working a room and using 3/4" rubber mats (like gym mats). The room will be for music and working out. It was an unfinished attic space with a plywood floor. Came across the mats cheap and I am thinking the rubber flooring, an area rug and some...
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    Allo Revolution DAC-

    Thanks Repdetect! Rev dac arrived and works but my setup and connectivity is limited at the moment. Once I make some additinal purchases and dive deeper into music streaming, I hope to offer more insight regarding this DAC. I am old school guy learning...greatly appreciate the information...
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    Allo Revolution DAC-

    I'll take it.
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