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    Some Names for Speakers

    Quantum Audiators
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    Why aren't there more honest and objective reviewers like ASR and Amir?

    That’s true, I have a lot of respect for certified sommeliers (have you read Cork Dork? Great book). But the average quaffing wine drinker can’t do that.
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    PS Audio Stellar M1200: tube + class D amplifier

    Jeez, you make all this fun seem so futile.
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    KEF's New Tech is Real

    Case in point, this ridiculous excess is the most durable thread on the Audiogon forum for the last couple of years:
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    This audio cable business is getting out of hand...

    When I was auditioning speakers a couple of years ago, the salesman kept insisting there were differences in Ethernet cables he was swapping, and got very aggravated when I would answer flatly that I couldn’t hear a difference. Then he swapped amplifiers, and I noticed a difference, but he was...
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    This audio cable business is getting out of hand...

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    I'm using the app with windows 10 right now, streaming at the source resolution - 24/96
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    Edifier R1280T Powered Speaker Review

    I was thinking of ordering these for my home work setup. I could send them to you first...or have you tested them?
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    I'm still on a Roon trial license, but I have to say, it really does enrich the experience. The endpoints are stable compared to UPnP, and the integration of Qobuz and Tidal with my own library (federated search!) is incredible. I'm running it on an old laptop.
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    I’ve found Qobuz had a much better classical library when I switched from Spotify two years ago. I’ve used it through Roon and BubbleUPnP without any issues like yours. I use the iPhone app occasionally - no problem. I almost never use the web app.
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    What items have you NOT purchased as a result of ASR?

    I think I was already one foot out the door of the audio dealers I visited when I discovered ASR (how much ”it isn’t the amp/speakers, it’s the cables” can one person take!). ASR helped me get the other foot out. I did buy my speakers from a dealer, with an audition and everything. But the...
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    Intona USB 3.0 Isolator Review

    I was just corresponding with Andrew Gillis at smallgreencomputer, as their Sonic Transporter seems to be a reasonably good deal relative to configuring a NUC. I was disappointed he wouldn't tell me what gen the i5 is - that determines whether it is a deal or not. I asked if I could connect...
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    Magnepan LRS Speaker Review

    Lord knows I've seen it a lot on other forums, but it never ceases to amaze how angry people get at a bad review or bad measurement of equipment they know and like. I had Maggies (IIIa), and enjoyed them for several years. Then Thiels (CS3.6), now Harbeth (SHL5+AE). All of these speakers have...
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    Any experience with Ropiee and/or RopieeXL?

    I haven’t taken the plunge on Roon, but I got the impression from a couple of audio showrooms that it is very stable operating from iOS With a variety of endpoints.
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