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    Drop Dan Clark Audio Aeon Closed X

    Not mine. I haven't been able to put them down long enough to ship them :facepalm: But soon!
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    Drop Dan Clark Audio Aeon Closed X

    Oratory updated his list of EQ Presets and added the Aeon Closed X. Happy days
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    Smallest possible amp for Dan Clark Aeons?

    The Lightning-3.5mm dongle powers my Aeon Closed X just fine. Edit: no 192 kHz, though I don’t believe that’s a huge loss.
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    topping a30/d30 pro stack vs a50s/d50s stack

    Yeah. And balanced in isn't truly necessary on a lot of systems without ground loops, either.
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    topping a30/d30 pro stack vs a50s/d50s stack

    Yes. But, depending on your system, balanced input may be less important than you think. And balanced out is pretty much irrelevant when amps like the A30 Pro exist.
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    topping a30/d30 pro stack vs a50s/d50s stack

    Balanced gives you more power than single ended, as you can see on both the A50s and A90. However, the A30 Pro has tons of SE power, so chances are you won’t be missing anything from sticking to it vs going to the A90, for example.
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    Looking to upgrade closed headphones

    That’s hard to judge, as we don’t exactly know what kind of gear was used during the recording and mastering process. As such, knowing exactly what the recording sounded like to the artist’s ear before it left the studio is impossible. The Aeon Closed X (basically the same headphone as the...
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    Dan Clark Aeon Closed X upgrade to Aeon Noire Closed

    I run my Closed X off an Apple Lightning-3.5mm dongle while on the go, and off a Topping A30 Pro. I don’t really notice any differences, tbh.
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    Dan Clark aeon noire?

    Closed X? They’re damn good.
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    Easy to operate streamer

    I've posted my solution to a good looking Pi-based streamer before. Depending on the OS you install, you may also get native Qobuz support.
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    Best headphone for Harman Target?

    Very impressive, especially the fact the FR doesn’t change with the ANC, as it usually happens.
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    Drop Dan Clark Audio Aeon Closed X

    What do you need the "fully balanced" for? I have a Topping _30 Pro stack that's running my Aeon Closed X beautifully. I can't get much further than 2 o'clock in low gain, even after applying EQ.
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    RPi4 or iFi ZEN Stream for Qobuz

    There shouldn’t be any sound differences. I’d go with the Pi, because it is a lot more versatile.
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    Focal elex in the uk?

    Sundara is similar, but Ananda has a wider soundstage and is a lot more comfortable.
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    Sennheiser HD560s Owner's Thread.

    I could forward them to you, if you want. Just shoot me a PM
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