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    DAC ratings?

    If you could stretch your budget just a little bit, the Topping EX5 should be a very good choice for you. It‘s a very well performing balanced DAC with volume control, multiple inputs, remote and it has a good headphone amp just in case you‘d ever want that. For 350$ it offers a lot of features...
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    Schiit Vali 2+ Review (Tube Headphone Amp)

    Even for someone wanting distortion, this is just too noisy for all but the least sensitive headphones.
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    Douk VU2 Review (VU Meter/Input Selector)

    So it's more of an FU meter then ...
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    Requirements to be eligible to post items for sale!

    When I bought my ADI via this forum the seller and I exchanged profiles from other forums etc. with a market place and ratings - pretty good way of establishing credibility.* He also offered payment via PayPal, wich I want to remind you is a rather terrible idea as a seller. It's way too easy...
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    Audio-gd Master 7 Singularity Review (DAC)

    Although it seems almost random how any given product performs. Their specs are completely made up (120dB SNR, 106dB SINAD for this one for example) and performance does not at all correlate with the price. And then there are further problems like the ordering and warranty process, especially...
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    Audio GD - bad rap in the past -new breed !!

    Not even a good smartphone, pretty much any mediocre phone will beat the Audio-GD in terms of signal quality: Every smartphone or tablet (180€ realme 7 shown above), save for the very bottom of the barrel ones, I've measured so far did just about manage 16bits (96dB SINAD) at full output. Some...
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    Audio-gd Master 7 Singularity Review (DAC)

    Graveyard of parts really hits the nail on the head. Here is the better performing Apple dongle (measurements added): It's also 250 times less expensive :)
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    "Not-enough-to-drive the heaphones", how is it defined?

    The 200mW @32Ohm spec is accurate. I have measured the FiiO E10K ... unfortunately I haven't really documented my results all that well. Output impedance is 1 Ohm, maximum output voltage is 2.55Vrms. 50mV SINAD is 84dB ... the rest I forgot. But it's not a bad little device. As a general rule...
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    Is it worth upgrading or is it almost imperceptible?

    The 6 ohms of the DX7 Pro are really not that high, even with the Focals and such you‘d probably have less then 0.5dB change in FR vs. 0.1 ohms output. RAA has a tool to calculate the relative change, but I can‘t find that on mobile, will link it later. The only headphones where it would really...
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    Bi-wiring a headphone

    At this rate somebody will come up with a TWS IEM with tube amps next year :facepalm:
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    USB Audio Interface to Drive Neumann KH750/KH80

    The KH 750 is specced for up to +24dBu (12.3Vrms resp. 34.7Vpp) input level, like most pro gear would be. My RME for example has four level settings, 4,13,19 and 24dBu. +3dBu on that Behringer is really low though, I never actually noticed that, seems important because not much modern gear...
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    Leaf Audio PA-03 MKII Review (Tube Preampifier)

    So you can actually polish a turd. Good to know :)
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    I'm hearing crackling sounds in some tracks. Is this normal?

    Those flaws are definitely in the recordings in this case. I'd think so too, but apparently not? I find it quite weird how many bad sounding recordings are out there. A hundred years ago, when recordings were made on a wax cylinder, I guess that was fair enough, however even (most) modern...
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    Marantz AV8805A Review (AV Processor)

    It's probably good enough to not notice in a negative way, but then again, it's not even 16bits when CDs have been around for 40 years at this point. The display situation on this seems really bad for the price to me. A tablet with a capacitive 7" touch screen costs about 60€ - it must be...
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    Which one to go for? - Mojo Vs Mimby Vs Modi 3+

    I'd throw the Loxjie D30 into the ring, it features a good DAC, bluetooth, remote and a decent headphone amp.
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